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  1. Ford Focus ST 2017

    Thanks a lot for the replies. Yep, I'm just biding my time reading the reviews and news. I'll test drive and will take a decision. I'm not a core enthusiast. However my ride has to be a fun-to-drive babe, not too big or cumbersome to park or maneuver! I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes
  2. Ford Focus ST 2017

    Thanks for that. Which other fun to drive cars are available here? The Subaru WRX STI is available. I'd like to have a car that's fun to drive, could be used as a daily driver, but should bring on a smile every time I drive
  3. Ford Focus ST 2017

    Hey guys, I've recently moved to the UAE. No doubt, it's an eye feast for the auto enthusiast. I'm from India and was driving a Fiat Punto there. So once here, I've asked around and was getting the stares whenever I mentioned that I wanted to go for a manual license. I'm determined to get it though I've yet to open the file. However while searching for some fun to drive cars, I came across the Focus RS. But it looks like it's not available here. The ST is available though. So how is the Focus to maintain? Please pour in any experiences with maintaining it and any other info that can help. I'm presuming that the ST is a manual. Hope I'm not wrong.