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  1. Hello all, There is this person who has a GoPro and not willing to share the video!!!! Am not taunting you Gaurav Bhai ! just saying ......... Drive / Ride Safe! Slick72 P.S: Guys I know we are busy with our regular life to support such fantastic life !
  2. Hi All, hello Manu that pure insubordination! where is the video were we were trying to find the wiper !!!! Drive/ Drive Safe ! Slick72
  3. Hello All ya motor heads ! I had the misfortune to drive with the Carnity group … really … was promised adventure and Fun…. The guy Rahim … who can read the desert like the back of his hand and the ever persistent sweeper Gaurav to help come on no one excepts such kind of mothering ….. please don’t ask me about the participants…. Basil ( I hope I spelt your name right)even thogh he had a Patrol was willing to follow the ordinary vehicles … Manu MS and Serif these guys are so smart like feels that am with Rahim/Gaurav bhai ..... … unspeakable … they help you and guide you .............what is this …. And the worst culprits were Rahim Bhai and Gaurav Bhai … love you all including my slaves … who were taken onboard to shovel …., couldn’t use them ‘cos of the expertise of the Lead and the Sweeper … total waste of time !!!!!! Drive / Ride Safe ! Slick72
  4. Hi Gaurav, I can not and will not come out of the are pictorial evidance ! Drive /Ride Safe ! Slick72
  5. Hi Gaurav , I cleaned the truck yesterday knowing well that there will be rains yesterday night and Am about to clean the whity again Gaurav will not come out of the OCD ... Drive /ride safe , Slick72
  6. Hi Gaurav , I prefer Friday and I really don't know how I will feel the drive because of my detailing OCD ..... Just got a neat front skid plate .... Now hunting for Fender flares ...... Drive / Ride Safe ! Slick72
  7. Hi All, I am in ......... and prefer Friday ! Drive / Ride Safe! Slick72 P.S: Anyone joining me please call me on +971506026688
  8. Hi , Please give it a stern warning not to act funny ..... Else no more new brake pads or nice shiny rotors ! ..... on a serious note have it checked brake fluid levels and just a suggestion always keep a set of fluids Brake, Steering , Engine oil , Diff oil , T-case G-box oil and radiator coolant concentrate all vehicle specific I will post a pic soon that I have done / kept in my drive . Drive / Ride Safe ! Slick72
  9. Hi All, Good morning ! Was wondering if we could have a small poll with parking habits of car owners associated with the brands . For example I have a few neighbours who have FJ cruisers and they always park it askew never inside the parking box ( I am a slight case of OCD , my car will be parked symmetrically .... ) . Have a F 150 and he / she will never park it right ever . Is there a issue of visibility from FJ cruiser's cockpit / cabin ? , as I have always seen them ( Close to 90% even at malls I will post pictures soon I have to mask the number plates ) Please post your experience with such incidents ! Drive / Ride Safe ! Slick72 P.S : This is not to shame or hurt anyone but to check and see if such things do happen !
  10. Hi All, Am from India .... about 70 years ago we were part of the Great Empire !!! Drive & Ride Safe ! Slick 72
  11. When they run................ and then started the fight between the Jeepers and Ricers ;D
  12. Mazda CX 9...........
  13. Hi Barry , Thats a great idea ( albit I was responsible .... kinda gives me great pleasure and hope to get some additional discount .....) All the best Barry ! Drive / ride safe ! Slick72