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  1. to verify the saying from seller (individual), as the transaction should be based on fact, but with some suspected point to verify, privacy is good reason, but what i asked, is not too much related to it. LIke how many previous owner (no name required) for this car, what's the last renewal mileage? RTA answered directly no.
  2. bought this car, RTA denied to give, even the number of previous owner on this one, due to security reason. Tasjeel comprehensive test, is extra test, cost AED 350 +100 (computer test), but provided you with test result, which can not be used for renewal / new license, and you have to do again AED 140. Also confirmed by Tasjeel MGR, both test (comprehensive + renewal), will not touch the odometer, they can not tell you odometer was played or not.
  3. Okay, if RTA will not provide car / VIN registration history , so if there is any modification on odometer, at least RTA system will not allow right? Like same car / VIN, last year mileage 60K, this year its 40K, not allow to go through Seller said he is individual,, not sure he is private dealer or not, by his saying brother boss' car, losing job left country.
  4. Thank you so much Gaurav , agreed, better than basic registration renewal test. also is it possible to get on RTA counter, for the registration history of this car, to verify the seller saying that it's used to be registered as DXB private plate, now shifted to EXP plate temp for selling car to save insurance cost on renewal 1 year instead Used car deal is based on trust, or the fact that seller provided. Otherwise scam, I worried to buy US spec accident or flooded car, in worst scenario as now some suspicious 1/ EXP plate 2/ unstamped service book ( went with seller to amend stamp already , but not common sense)"
  5. thanks a lot for the info thanks a lot, can you advise why? is the comp test not worth it? or the seller with blue exp plate seems suspicious?
  6. Trying to buy used car, and plan to do Tasjeel comprehensive test at Tasjeel Aweer. I called the Tasjeel Aweer and they said NO they don't do comprehensive test. Seller saying I can do the comprehensive test in Tasjeel Aweer. Has anyone done there before? And doing a Tasjeel Comprehensive Test is of any use or not for pre-buying inspection? What do car experts here think of Tasjeel comprehensive test is it really a comprehensive test to covers all the areas of the car or it's just a name....? Thanks for sharing.
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