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  1. Ren13

    My new ride

    When you compare a car to a woman is a very intresting subject but again it depends what type of women you looking at a house wife who's caring and will take care of you and your family or someone who's flashy and is liked by your friends and the world and who will empty your pockets most of the time . The same way Its you and your ride which matters the most a pajero or a range rover never matters..😙
  2. Ren13

    My new ride

    I guess you mistaken a pajero with some other car you love driving @desertdude don't get me wrong but everyone has a taste of their own especially if it's their ride may it be a pajero or a Nissan patrol. Both are doing well in the market and therefore you see so many on the road in good condition used as a daily mode of transport and for off roading. We all buy cars for a purpose and if that is sorted then we don't need anything else.
  3. Ren13

    My new ride

    @stigIt's a 3.5 and 170k kms driven
  4. Ren13

    My new ride

    Sorry @desertdude bro thought you asked about the bike. Pajero is a 2004 model 2door v6 4x4. 17000kms driven. Paid 14k.
  5. Ren13

    My new ride

    At last got my hands on my new ride. I guess we can have a bikers group too. What say @Gaurav bhai.
  6. Wow mint condition. Welcome @Rami Hanna.
  7. Sorry I got carried away but just did it 👍
  8. Hi @GauravI have bought myself a 2004 pajero 2 door after being impressed by u and ur ride. Fortuner didn't feel that comfy and decided to sell that and pick this up. Jeep has always been on my mind but due to my budget I decided to stick with a pajero . I guess jeep will need to wait a little longer to get into my list but will surely get one soon.
  9. Nice review @adil I have worked for Honda for nearly 4 years and the Honda accord is a beauty and a beast 2 in 1 combo depending on what you require out of it. Tires are a issue with all Honda cars as the design pattern causes humming sound when driven and also long storage of the vehicles before pdi and delivery to the customer and can be sorted out initially free of cost by the dealer itself saving you another 2000dhs to spend more on the vehicle. Regarding the drive and comfort this vehicle is better than many other expensive cars seen on road today. Only draw back is that this is a Japanese vehicle built in America or thailand for that matter due to cost cutting and conversion rate to uae dhs which lowers the value of the vehicle. All the best with your vehicle and hope to see some mods on it in the future.
  10. Wow excellent review @skumar83 I will surely consider buying a jeep the next time I change my vehicle.
  11. Ren13

    Honda Project P

    Looks neat nice try inspired by Holden designs
  12. hats off to everyone on the trip, the spirit within the Carnity team to step up at the time of need and never leave anyone behind. Very well said Mr Rahimdad(Superman)
  13. 5.7 L (350 cu in) L98 V8 Corvette C4 1988