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  1. Ren13

    Honda Project P

    Looks neat nice try inspired by Holden designs
  2. hats off to everyone on the trip, the spirit within the Carnity team to step up at the time of need and never leave anyone behind. Very well said Mr Rahimdad(Superman)
  3. 5.7 L (350 cu in) L98 V8 Corvette C4 1988
  4. Ren13

    Car Auctions

    Buying auction cars depends on your luck and also how good you are to figure out what would be the refurbishment cost on the vehicle and bid accordingly. i have a friend who is in to it and the best car to buy is a Mitsubishi lancer and Nissan sunny. they 2 sell fast like hot cakes and no holding cost.
  5. Ren13

    Off-road advice for the first time

    Wow that goes my ass in the air.
  6. Ren13

    Z71 Stickers

    Hi @vivian you can get these stickers on Ali express I have purchased 2
  7. Ren13

    renault duster misfire when cold

    well done @Mohit1 got to learn something new regarding the duster repairs. will surely keep in mind for further trouble shooting solutions.
  8. this is the closest i could find.................
  9. That too doesn't work bro tried already 😉
  10. Hi is this what you are looking for