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  1. Ren13

    Share your favourite Offroad Soundtracks !

    I used like to listen to fire starter when I was in India and vary the car speed as per the music . And now prefer sound tracks from fast and furious series.
  2. Very well said @Barry i do agree with you every bit, im also happy that you believe in sharing all what you know.😉 in today's world many dont do that and if you need an advice you need to pay a price for it, luckily thanks to Carnity many of us get real and genuine advice free of cost.( Experienced hands on job advice tried and tested with experience to be specific)
  3. Ren13

    Dealing with tailgaters - solution

    I normally dont give way if im cruising at the same speed as mentioned on the road sign but depends on the vehicle you need to give respect. and if its a abu-dhabi number plate vehicle tail gating God bless him ...........................😊.
  4. Ren13

    Abandoned cars in Dubai

    Looks as if this car had been purchased for swapping of parts and therefore the dashboard is missing . A lot of people do this to restore their old vehicles as they get the same price of scrap and if purchased individually it falls pretty expensive.
  5. Ren13

    Your pet hates on the road

    I hate the most is lady drivers (Sorry in advance for that i do respect women but when it comes to driving i guess some or rather say most of them are in their own trip) they drive as if they are all alone on the road and no one around them. they will change lanes without indicators and most of them are busy on the phone while driving. the other guys i hate are the Abu-dhabi number plate guys as they are always in a hurry for what reason only God knows😉 Please note:- Nothing personal just my observation for the past 10 years 🙏
  6. Ren13

    Lifting a Pajero for Offroading

    2 inch is ok I guess but you need to be careful while hard cornering that's when it tends to lift itself up the ground and turn upside down at high speeds. As it gets imbalance.
  7. Ren13

    Coolest supercar ever?

    For me it was a Corvette which my dad had gifted me when i was a kid and always dreamt of owning one when i grow big and get rich.with gods grace i was able to achieve my dream last year when i managed to buy myself the car of my dreams. Chevrolet corvette 1988 C4.
  8. Ren13


    You will surely find theses vehicle shipped to uae in the near future and for sale at the used car markets as direct imports if its a left hand drive vehicle.😉
  9. Ren13

    Leaving UAE

    All the best @vivian have a safe trip and enjoy exploring Canada. Do share some pics of the place and of your future ride once you settle down.
  10. Ren13

    Rant - how much is your salary?

    We all make bad decisions in life but its important to fight it out and come strong.Happy to know you were able to do that and come out a winner. Life is not simple as we think it is but it depends on us how we simplify our life. Have read your posts Barry you have great knowledge about cars and your vast experience backing you and happy to connect with you. Thanks to carnity we have the freedom to discuss life along with cars in this group. 🍺Cheers.
  11. Ren13

    Rant - how much is your salary?

    @Barry That's what we call life experiences. it makes us better human's as compared to others who live in their comfort zone. That's why we don't ask others how much is your salary and the others do. Its our past experience and hardship which helps us have a better future.😉
  12. Ren13

    Rant - how much is your salary?

    Its peoples mentality . They feel the grass is greener on the the other side.
  13. Ren13

    My Bicycle pics

    Welcome to the club @Gaurav. Sorry for the delay.
  14. Welcome to the club Jeh. unfortunately the attachment isn't opening on my P.c
  15. Ren13

    My Bicycle pics

    Welcome to the club Barry will surely get my bike to you and you can ride it and advice me if it needs anything. will surely wait for your post and pics of the bike eagerly. My Bike Specs are as follows: Product weight : 13KG Bike Brake Type : Disc Brake Number of Wheels : 2 Color Family : Orange Color Number of Speeds : 21 Bicycle Type : Mountain Bikes Frame Material Type : Aluminum Brand : TOTEM Frame Size: Medium(165-175cm)aluminum Fork:MD-994-MLO Lockout 100mm Travel Tire:KENDA 26X1.95 Shifter:Shimano SL-M310 24s Crank: Pro wheel alloy 170mm Front Derailleur FD-TX50 Rear Derailleur:RD-TX35