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  1. Cats eyes to be renamed

    Wow some unique info. Barry was the guy sure it was a cat 🐱sitting on the wall and not an owl . Being foggy an owl would have a better chance to hunt for her prey . What say
  2. Will miss the sticker and certificate just noticed them they look pretty cool. All the best for the trip tomorrow and drive safe. Cheers.
  3. Corvette C4 1988 model

    Thank you Barry wow this gives me confidence let me know when you free and will get her to you. Thank you gaurav will do my study and takes Barry's help and assistance too . Happy to be part of this group which cares about the fellow member's.
  4. Reasons for engine oil level going down

    Apologies gaurav.
  5. Reasons for engine oil level going down

    Hi gaurav if you feel it's happened the 1st time in 7 years due to change of brand of oil you using doesnt sound right but may be the quantity of oil put by the technician could be less by mistake especially if the oil used is different he must have not got a judgement. You can always topup the oil level and recheck after 2000km where it's due for oil change any ways and you will get an idea and your doubt clear.
  6. Congrats all members on reaching the 15k Mark. It's a pleasure to be part of this group. Suggest all members meet at a designated place with all their rides. Also how about we design a carnity club sticker so that all the members can have it stuck on their rides.
  7. Hi Vivian, Go on cobone website and avail best prices approx they will charge you 100-150dhs per wheel.
  8. Corvette C4 1988 model

    Hi gaurav, I've already bought her but need to get a general check done for a.c and electrical. Tires are new and body condition is decent no painting or touch up needed. Being a old vehicle not many garages are ready to put their hand in it. As parts also not available easily if in case broken due to workmanship. Wanted to know of any garage which works on these cars.
  9. Hi Guys, Need your expert advice and guidance to check my 1988 corvette C4.
  10. How to Identify a GCC Spec Xterra

    My guess is 30,000dhs Depending on the condition
  11. Is cruise control bad for fuel mileage?

    Cruise control helps to keep your vehicle driving in one speed with accelerating except if you driving up slope and down slope then that will affect the fuel consumption for e.g. when you go up slope or in a inclined position rpm will rise automatically and vehicle will use addition throttle to keep the vehicle in same speed , where if you driving in straight roads you will notice vehicle rpm remains constant in cruise control and fuel consumption will be good too.
  12. How to Identify a GCC Spec Xterra

    Hi shinith, The car origin is stated on the registration card however what you are looking for is the specs of the car for compliance with GCC standards. I may be wrong but maybe your best bet would be to check with the dealership of the car manufacturer and help you determine if the car was made to GCC specs or not. Maybe a google/wiki check on the manufacturing country along with year and target market may end up answering your question. Check your SIDE MIRRORS if there is something written in Arabic over the MIRROR its GCC if there isnt anything Arabic there its not GCC
  13. New TrailBlazer '17

    Hey Vivian which dealer did you buy this vehicle as you can check with them if you can fix some add on lights so that night driving becomes easier. As far has the vehicle goes it drives smoothly in the desert.