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  1. Wow that was something new to learn on the detailed views @Gaurav @skumar83 @Rahimdad
  2. After reaching the top looks like the drivers leg was constantly on the accelerator pedal due to which he lost control of the vehicle and tried to swerve the vehicle or drifting it side ways and ended up flipping it. good thing is that he came out of the window in one peice and not seperated from his body parts.
  3. You know your getting old when you use valet parking wherever possible because they dont forget where they park your car.
  4. Wow @Gaurav @Rahimdadi can see a lot of new members and their Pajeros in the group now. excellent contribution from @BIG Tand @jibransayed its always nice to see your name on the list. waiting to unleash my beast after im back from my annual leave in Jan 2019 i guess.
  5. Ren13


    Excellent pic @BIG T it reminded me of my childhood where i use to roll my toy cars in sand ( old memories refreshed) i bet if you post this pic and take public opinion if its a real car or toy car 99% would say its a toy car kept in sand.
  6. Looked like a tom and Jerry show where we know whats coming up next and are waiting to laugh but cannot do anything to stop it happen.
  7. Ren13

    Any estate agents on Carnity?

    @Barry i have a friend who's into real estate will check and get back to you.
  8. Ren13

    Wadi suggestions

    Hi @Radhika if you are looking at family outing Fujairah/Dibba is a nice place on the beach area in line to radisson Blu where you can enjoy the kool weather and also do a barbeque or bon fire. i am visiting the same spot 2 weeks in a row now and enjoy the scenic drive and kool breeze and weather. if it rains then you will get to see water streams while driving through the mountains.
  9. Ren13


    Wow that's scary now. I know in India they use to do this 15-20 years back and I had been with a friend to refuel his car at that time as it would work out very cheap directly from the petrol tankers which supplied fuel to petrol stations. Never heard of anything like this here at least. But I'm sure the fuel will be adulterated and that's asking for trouble with your ride.
  10. Ren13

    Anybody got a towbar?

    Hi Barry is this what you looking at.
  11. hi @Osman you can travel through any border as per my knowledge. Al ain is a smaller border and limited old school check point as compared to hatta border as it is bigger and sophisticated. if you are travelling with family then your process will be a little faster than travelling alone. all the best to you.
  12. Ren13

    Share your favourite Offroad Soundtracks !

    I used like to listen to fire starter when I was in India and vary the car speed as per the music . And now prefer sound tracks from fast and furious series.