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  1. I also called Al Nahda as @Gaurav suggested before purchasing these and it seems their prices were higher. Also, the 3+1 Yokohama deal was on Pitstop Arabia if I'm not wrong and it was only for 2017 tyres. Maybe i missed the 2018 deal? Anyway, thanks to all for their really valuable feedback I've learned so much in this purchase really. I hope A/T G012 turns out to be good choice for me as I am not a heavy off roader but got really tempted by all the test videos I checked on Youtube for this tyre 😁 and i just want something like that whenever i go off roading. I will also be buying Hankook Ventus Prime tires for a Hyundai Veloster 215/40/R18, which apparently also are OEM for Velosters. There's not much of a price difference on Pitstop Arabia and Future Tires themselves, so thinking of just ordering them online from their to the nearest available workshop near my place (Stop & Go in Motor City).
  2. Mind finally settled on the A/T G012. Got the tyres from Future Trade ! I've got a really great price on the purchase. The shop was absolutely chaotic and only quietened down towards the end. The reason I got such a great price was due to the chaos actually where an hour into the shop after taking off my old tyres, they discovered that they dont have G012 for 2018. They offered 2019, I got annoyed, and in the ensuing confusion they agreed to offer me the 2019 tyres at same price of 2018! The small bit that I drove after installation, car feels completely new. Just a question: Is there some loophole in this deal? I checked tyres are from 2019, though to my surprise they weren't wrapped up and were already dirty due to lying open in the godown and transferring to the main workshop etc.
  3. @Sunit thanks. I'm going for either G056 or G012 A/T . The guy at Future Tyres has recommended that G056 is same as G039 only different being one is Japan and one is Thailand made. However, he's saying difference in quality is minimal, and he's saying G056 is a better tyre if you want to combine on and off road driving with the same.
  4. Could it be because the G056 is Thailand made and not Japanese?
  5. Point # 2 is actually a very old tradition and passed on from generations. This was specially applicable in the older models of the 90s, cuz I've grown up seeing my father and other relatives switch off the AC before switching off the car. I think it should be applicable even now as the care on engine load on start up still applies? Though to be honest I don't strictly follow it with the assumption that engines are much more capable now? Not sure if my assumption is correct!
  6. From my limited knowledge for a small work I got done from Al Haboor for Pajero, these guys are good. However, they have insanely high prices man.
  7. In my last service that I got done with Mohsen (a guy @Barry recommended), he confirmed he was using fully synthetic oil for 10k interval service on Pajero if I remember correctly. Though I didn't check which brand is being used. I guess next time I should once again check my car manual, confirm exact specifications. Is brand also important then or as long as specifications are fine, we're good to go ?
  8. @Gaurav yes Inshallah will soon join you guys for an event, might be fun Thanks all for your inputs. Will update my final decision once it's done in a day or two, whether Geolandar G012 A/T or Geolandar G056 H/T. Spoke to Future Tyres guy also and he's saying yes A/T is best for off-road but some customers get annoyed with the noise on it while driving on road. Let's see!
  9. One last question guys, if I'm getting a tyre free deal on 2017 tyres, is it worth going for, considering I could use them till end of 2022? Or is 2018 the maximum I should consider.
  10. I'm not much of a desert driver as I have too much anxiety when driving on sand (car often gets stuck), but I love offroading in wadis, rock and steep uphill mountain roads. The feedback I'm getting even on the internet seems to be that even if you are an occasional off roader (once a month/ 2 months), use ATS, and not H/T. I'm just stuck in my mind about whether I value noise reduction above better off-road support or not.
  11. I've always been impressed by people that use different tyres for off-roading cuz i always thought this must be such a drag in terms of planning and time commitment. So have to pass on my respects 😀
  12. Just a point on Google Earth problem for Oman @ebotha99, I tried Waze last year in Oman and it worked like a dream. Gives turn by turn directions, identifies potential road cameras in case you want to speed up in the middle of the long drives. It helped me find Yeti / Safa beach on the Qurm / Muscat coast which for some reason I was finding really hard to get to through Google Maps.
  13. I did check fuel efficiency for Yokohama Geolandar H/T and apparently it does enable lesser road resistance so I'm assuming that should be good. Can I assume ATS would not be fuel efficient due to overall aggressive tread pattern which I'm guessing would cause more road resistance? However, as long as difference in minimal it shouldn't be a big concern for me. Pajero is anyway noisier than other SUVs so I guess I can deal with minimal noise of the ATS as long as it doesn't become this god awful vibration noise that's making me go mad with my worn out Toyo U/T tires haha.
  14. Thanks Gaurav for the great thread. I have to say, reading so much details and researching on my own as well on tyre care, I'm probably lucky my Toyo U/T tires lasted as long as they did (about 60k km, tho started making noises after 50k) as I'm a n00b on tyre care. I have a feeling no service company had rotated my tires. Although I'm not a major off roader, I do like to go off roading once in a month or two. Have taken my car to Liwa, Maleha, Sweihan, the desert on the way to Al Ain (Sweihan again maybe?), drove to Salalah and back with lots of off roading, Jebel Shams cross-mountain driving searching for wadis, Wadi Arbayeen, Musandam mountains, Wadi Shawka etc. So maybe i'm really lucky my current tyres lasted this long, tho last weekend's Musandam off roading was probably too much for them as one got punctured :D This time, I definitely want to buy the right tires and thank great carnity members for such helpful comments! My mind is tilting towards Yokohama Geolandar. Just need to decide between H/T and ATS. If I could get some specific advice on H/T vs ATS, would love it. Once again, thanks all! This is one heck of a forum
  15. Thanks Rahim! I've already given the guy a call at Future Tyres I'm hoping I get some good tyres for my car!
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