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  1. GumbyAKhan

    The movie club

    I'd repeat my recommendations guys. Watch 1. Legion (the season) 2. Dark (the season) Also big shout out to all matrix lovers one of the most amazing movie ever made. Surely makes my list of top 5 movies of all time.
  2. GumbyAKhan

    The buried village in Sharjah

    Oh it's in the desert! Thanks for the review
  3. GumbyAKhan

    The buried village in Sharjah

    Any reviews of the place guys?
  4. GumbyAKhan

    The buried village in Sharjah

    The map leads you to the main Madam police station I think. Will check this on Youtube
  5. GumbyAKhan

    The movie club

    You should really invest your time on the following shows: 1. Legion. A proper mind twister. Beautifully directed 2. Dark. Absolutely gripping
  6. Yes, that's true, the only reason I continued with Al Futtaim was that they required it as part of their Automall Warranty for the first 20K after buying the car from them.
  7. Hey Barry, Thanks for the detailed reply. I had heard about this but whenever I asked this to Al Futtaim Automall, they said no our warranty is applicable on the 5k service requirements as prescribed only. I only had to stay for the first 20k with AF automall, but then I stayed till 35K anyway. When I bought from AF, they claimed they had done a major service on the car at 65K, so I'm due for a 40K major service now as I'm at 109K. From the info you've posted, it would mean I still needed a major service at 100K right, and so I should get the major service done for my car? Also wanted to ask, is Mitsubishi service schedule the same for every car they make? Also, would highly appreciate suggestions for a trusted service center that follows Mitsubishi service schedule. Barry, thanks for the help!
  8. Hey guys, I bought a Pajero 2014 mid option from AF Automall at 65k odometer, and and now at 109k and due for a 40K major service. I've serviced my car from Al Futtaim service center for this whole duration on every 5K interval and it has really cost me a lot plus I am not overall satisfied with the work done as they are never clear on any faults I want them to check. Now I am due for a 40K service which is going to cost me a ton. I am desperate to find a trusted garage / service center which can perform the service as per exact Pajero service specifications, which would mean a comprehensive major service as specified by Mitsubishi for 40K on a Pajero. Would really appreciate your help. I've been at this forum on and off as a non-user and saw people talking about certain members who are very knowledgable on Pajero. Would love your help. Regards, Hamza
  9. Welcome to Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.