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  1. Same, it's nice to see a good old forum discussion on car topics!
  2. I enjoyed the detailed post @Gaurav. I was actually thinking my next car may be US spec after doing all the background check (VIN number, checking chassis and finding out why a car was written off). Not sure if I will go ahead with it or not and the debate rages both ways, just leaving me confused lol. Nothing to worry about just yet but for example on mustangs, you get some really crazy deals on US spec (30%+ savings sometimes).
  3. GCC, as I'm fairly new to Dubai and don't know any reliable mechanics I stayed well clear of American specs due to the stories of flooding and write-offs and what not. Not sure what the carnity view is on the whole GCC vs NA debate?...
  4. Will do as soon as I take a semi decent one! I blame my phone's camera but it's probably me lol Thanks Gaurav, what is his budget looking like? I would say market is now low 50s for a 2013, low 60s for a 2014. Those are the 2 years that I looked at the most tbh. I have to say that @treks has a point, the car is VERY tail happy so if he is an inexperienced driver then he'll need to be careful he doesn't bin it round a bend. As for tracking, I have no idea as to costs and reliability of a 370 on track. I am trying to find track day insurance but it's proving difficult. Don't think I would risk it without insurance.
  5. Reviving this, how did it go? I just bought myself a 370z and wanted to see if I could to a track day. Never been to one before though so am a total novice!
  6. Hi guys, I just bought myself a 370 and thought I'd pop by the forums and introduce myself, seems they are all rather quiet these day! Anyway, let's see who is about. Zaidane
  7. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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