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  1. Ooooh, so this is it, I remember seeing it on the street, I was during in Al Ain road and they were 2... I remember telling my wife "look how they wrapped the car, crazy people" hehe 😅
  2. Common dude, you know RPM doesn't go over 3000 in intermediate drives 😅 See you next time man
  3. Super awesome man, very well said and deserved.. best of luck
  4. Noooooo waaaaaay dude... This is so beyond awesome man... So happy for you 🤘 Does this mean you'll be leading some trips now? This is super wicked 😁 am jealous now
  5. but it's so popular in this region, like the Nissan Patrol, i hear it is only manufactured to cover the demand of this region, right? does the LC has the same popularity?
  6. he's so fast, i had this screen shot stored in my mobile for some time, and forgot all about it, saw it yesterday as i was cleaning my mobile, and i thought "yalla", but it was too late already thanks man
  7. This is interesting, Toyota is pulling off the plug by 2022. Do you think this will ever happen? Or they might keep it for the GCC region, like what happened with the Patrol?
  8. duuuuuuuuuuude... this is big awesome news super happy for you new BIG terrains, some one is coming at you
  9. Am collecting sand to do that sand in a bottle art 😂
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