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  1. Congrats @Imran Kashif, see you soon on the next drive!
  2. Was a great drive for sure @Hisham Masaad, at least for the time we "drove". It was picking up pace and getting more interesting when the unfortunate break down happened. It was an IM baptism for my Fortuner, and a welcome back to IM drives for me after a gap of almost 4 months as i was selling my yellow Jeep. Coincidentally , my last IM in June was in the same area with @Islam Soliman - welcome back to the sands. Yesterday , undoubtedly, was a day which we were blessed to witness the exemplary leadership and quick thinking from our marshals @Hisham Masaad and @Islam Soliman , planning and executing the tough tow recovery through the path of least resistance to get to tarmac as safely as possible. Not to mention the skill, grit and willingness displayed by @Karthik Raptor - kudos man, really admirable!! @Imteeaz - great SL, and was nice following you @MMansoor , @Simon Dawood, @ASAD., @Mohamad Anwer @Vaibhav - good to see you guys @Waqas Parvez - great support and nicely executed tug, as you said - expecting Shuwaib "reloaded, soon from Hisham, although i was not part of the previous episode Hope @Ranjan Das and the grey wrangler comes out unscathed and expecting to drive with you next week itself!! Being optimistic 👍🤘
  3. IF i am not wrong , you have profenders already , right ? are you changing them ? @Waqas Parvez
  4. double confirm!! @Hisham Masaad and @Joji varghese - see you soon, hope its not something serious
  5. Wonderful mid week drive @Ale Vallecchi, as expected, a long range drive with 68Kms in 3.5 hrs on the stats! with a stopped time of only 32 min including my unfortunate pop out!! Took me 78 drives to experience a pop out, and didn't recognize that i was having one , kept on suspecting my diff lock not disengaging, until i peeked out of the window Anyway its a lesson learnt with my changed ride being longer with a heavier rear end, and driving with 9 psi may not be a great idea anymore...will get to the sweet spot soon. Given the soft sand, and short and steep crossings at many places, we had our share of refusals and couple of tugs, but everyone drove well for the higher and longer climbs Thanks for the assistance with my pop out @Fabien Monleau, @Waqas Parvez @GauravSoni- and great overall support where required Good to see you again @Senthil Kumar - you are almost a regular for mid week drives, see you soon @Ashutosh Garg - we drove together last weekend as well, good to see you again @Imran Kashif - coming all the way from abu dhabi - appreciate your commitment to this sport, always ready to help with any situation, hope you get your flag back from the car wash guys and @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler - nice to drive with you again Looking forward and coming back for more!!
  6. lost concentration for a split second and alas!! WL#2 😐 now praying for all the evil stuff 🙂
  7. @Ashutosh Garg..looks like the video is not public yet...🙂 Have a look at your settings?
  8. Congrats doc @M.Seidam… very well deserved… after listening to your story on the last night drive, we know how close to your heart is offroading!! hope to drive with you soon in your new robes 👍🏻👍🏻
  9. hi doc @M.Seidam Pls consider my attendance tentative.. I have a sea trial to finish in the morning and if we are done in time, and reach back on shore, i will join..i will try to confirm by noon , but in case i am not in mobile coverage i wont be able to do that as well. so if i dont turn up on time, please do not wait for me hope you understand
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