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Off-Road Hall of Fame - October 2023

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  1. Congrats @Krishna R , see you on IM drives soon..!!
  2. Great going and Congratulations @Davie Chase, see you soon on drives!
  3. Excellent drive in an interesting terrain @Varun Mehndiratta...felt like more of an overlanding trip than a desert drive, but it was fun exploring the area . navigating through all that vegetation and climbing whatever dunes were available to us, occasionally reaching heights giving us beautiful views of the area. My last drive here was in 2021, FB drive with the erstwhile blitzkrieg marshal Lorenzo - forum post below , if anyone interested to skim through The terrain looks more plain in those olderphotos, i think..... All in all , it was a well spent saturday morning with the company of great drivers - @Rajiv Sam - great SL, @Alexanderrr, @Benjamin @Jaro Tuzinsky @Gok Krish @Joji varghese along with our "always ready and able" ST members @Fabien Monleau @DP1011
  4. Congrats Prem @premindra rajaram..see you soon in the new level!
  5. Congrats Jaro @Jaro Tuzinsky!! Tough luck..your first IM is going to be technical ??? 😀
  6. Yup!!! 😃 tested at 14 and 13 psi , last weekend and mid week drives, will be testing lower pressures tomorrow 🤞🤞
  7. thanks for the midweek evening drive @M.Seidam, It was great to join one of your drives after an offrading break of more than 2 months, given that this was a first FB+ drive for me on my current car as well Good to drive with all of you and meet again @Fabien Monleau @Ignacio Quindós @Mohammad Anwar and @Hisham Masaad Good job on your first FB+ @Ahmad Nerat, I was driving behind you, and i can say you did really well, handling that LC boat of yours. Little bit of fishtailing here and there will be sorted out soon , as you do more of these level drives. As you indicated during the drive, see if you need a bumper trim/change, as this will come handy when traversing technical areas
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