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  1. Adding my 2 cents to the discussion, eventhough i was not able to participate in this epic recovery. Had to be home by late evening , as family had planned something assuming my attendance if pulling force multiplication was our intention , above was how it should have been rigged, as @Hisham Masaad mentioned The way it is rigged in the photo, only serves to re-direct the pull, and not mulitply it. The static line is to be connected to the pulled load (wrangler) , and the pulling lines should be maximum parallel to each other for 2x multiplication. Any other included angle would only reduce the resultant force on the static line, reaching 1x at 90degree included angle. hope i am not being too technical here. In such case, when pulling line/winch line moves 1mtr, snatch block moves 0.5 mtr only Also, snatch block rating should be twice winch pull
  2. the machine underwent some checks yesterday, and couple of cracked lower arm bushes being replaced now...gearing up to be in top condition!! i will be halting at a modest Airbnb at Madinat Zayed, Friday evening and will drive down to the meeting point (1hr+ drive). not much of a camping guy , although i am getting all the camping gear sorted for the overnight desert halt, which will be my first camping experience , praying, i dont miss anything 🙂
  3. It was a very eventful drive, to say the least, but as is with @Carnity, we all come out stronger at the end of the day. It was a sheer display of leadership, commitment , quick thinking and kudos to @Srikumar @Waqas Parvez @Tom B @Rob S for handling the situation(s) with absolute level headedness!! and @Imran Kashif @Haitham Khattab always ready with their helping hands for @Zed and ASAD Al Wagan and Pajero bowl, both were firsts for me, and i had never heard of these places until last week. Pajero bowl seemed to be challenging for me , as i started the run on first gear and kept hitting the rev limiter and losing the line on my first round and continued without crossing over, when Sri prompted me to upshift , i felt the strong lurch forward and improved momentum with which i could easily cross over and exit. I always though that an upshift would only slow me down due to reduced torque, so it was a good learning experience/paradigm shift. Good to see Angela @Foxtrot Oscar, back in action and hope to drive on one of your "Yalla" drives soon ... looks like its time to change your profile to "Dangerous Woman" or even Delta Whiskey, courtesy the AlAin cops , ........our @Tom B was almost certain that he would be forced to sell his LC to the guy, or else they would just confiscate it and put him in jail We made the best of the afternoon , finding some great rolling dunes where we all were at our bests, just flowing along the bowls, climbing, criss crossing our way freely , when @ASAD. had his issue ...breaking the cooling fan of a Toyota Prado, a rarity in itself , but stuff happens !! hope its sorted soon and see you on the upcoming liwa crossing . Good to drive again with @Anoop Nair, a long time carnity mate , see you soon on the liwa crossing if all stars align, that is!!
  4. yes, it was taking me to Al Quo street inside Abu Dhabi city, when i tried from PC, but the phone seemed to give the right location. Anyway, now its good in PC and phone, both - at least for me ..
  5. Congrats @Waqas Parvez!! .. ..looking forward to drive with you in your new role..👍
  6. Congrats @Gerrit Bus, a Gladiator at IM - could be a historical first 😀...looking forward to see you in your new level!!
  7. Congrats bro!! @GauravSoni, another Pajero Marshal!! No mean feat !!🤘👍👍
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