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  1. Thanks @JeromeFJ for the great drive yesterday, and congrats to you , for reaching the famed Yellow Truck on your maiden lead in the Liwa terrain!! Not many can claim such an achievement!! The YT pilgrimage is off our bucket lists , thanks to your efficient and precise lead through this tough terrain. Good job at second lead @Haitham Khattab with his little boy joining , who I doubt is even tall enough to see through the windscreen, but still enjoyed the drive and kept the radio alive , without sleeping !!! Good to drive with @Rob S (waiting for the photos of my fully articulated suspensions ), @Tom B, @Gok Krish - twas unfortunate that you had to exit mid way, but i have put some photos of your jeep bowling high 🤘 @Santoso Marjuki - thanks for being my photographer at the YT 🙏 @Imteeaz- thanks for the lunch time cakes, and finally our mighty sweep @Mario Cornejo - I have captured one of the last photos you might have of your lost flag Some photos in the gallery of what i could manage to capture during this fantastic experience
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