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  1. @Ale Vallecchi ..are we meeting at the Nazwa farms / 2ndDec or other point? Just need to calculate travel time , and decide if i can get out of office to reach..
  2. Hello @Victor Socaciu..have a look at these posts on the carnity portal The Baofeng UV 5R is the most popular one , from dragon mart. but heard there are upgraded ones (UV 5RH , UV 9R etc) on the market now. Make a visit to dragon mart and you should be getting a fair idea
  3. but its still gaining popularity. so the experience could be one off or something to do with wrong installation. Another recent discussion , i just recalled.. there was air leak through one of the bolts. this is again probably an installation thing, but you might want to keep that in mind if going for these.
  4. Radial pins - wont these keep hitting the tread inner side on full compression of the tyre during jumps or in case of puncture? I have had a look at the inside of a friends tyre , after around a year of usage i believe (but not ICON) ...there were damage spots corresponding to the pin locations on the inside of the tread
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