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  1. Congrats @Hani Howeedy...enjoy the new level ..would be fun with that truck, for sure..see you soon!
  2. Congrats @Nizar Shawwa..see you soon on fewbie drives, enjoy the level up!
  3. Congrats @Robk..enjoy the level up ..will be fun with the JT !! see you soon!
  4. Congrats and welcome to the IM club @Alphin Aloor..enjoy the pace and heights..see you soon on drives!!
  5. Congrats @Prithvi Raj..enjoy the new level and see you soon on drives!
  6. Congrats @Andrew John Melvill, see you soon on fewbie drives, enjoy the level up!!
  7. Congrats @Sandeep Nayar.see you soon and enjoy the new level!
  8. @Gaurav thanks for the pointer , but not in the mood for technical 🙂.my rear bumper has been showing signs of not being very "technical friendly" these days ...will give it a pass..@Simon D
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