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  1. Oh my god , thank you so much @Jocreative . I thought I was alone with this cat problem . I have absolutely no idea why cats are attracted to the Jeep . They dont pee , they dont tear the seat , they just SIT. Btw , does the smell of Vinegar and Garlic stick to the Jeep ?
  2. Oops , sorry , I forgot to scroll to the later pages for replies.
  3. @Rahimdad - Any updates regarding your device ? Its been 3 years. Still working fine ?
  4. Melvin Martin


    But you'll end up being too fast to catch up with , for Fewbie drivers like me.
  5. Alright perfect ! I'll do it soon . Maybe check everyone's replies and come up with a good informative post. I remember back then , I did try to Google for advices and tips regarding the 900s , but I was disappointed. I guess we can change that now for others.
  6. Thank you @Gaurav and @Rahimdad ! Slow and steady wins the race ! @Frederic , @Brette , @Srikumar , @WiLfY , @hossein , @G.huz - Thanks a lot guys . @Emmanuel - Thanks for keeping a close eye on me for every drive as the Sweeper . Al Faqa is one of my top favourites ! It's been 3 years ! Moreover , 3 years after one of my friends flipped his red JK in Al Faqa ( the resemblance is uncanny )
  7. I know it's been 3 years but here goes. I've had different 900s on my Nissan VTC '06 for around 6 years . 1) Great off-road. Unlike other tyres , I noticed that these tires don't dig a lot when undergoing a refusal. So ,I've had very good experiences while self-recovery. Plus if you want to cross a sand patch , you don't really have to deflate. 2) Looks great ! Like you , I was a big fan of the huge wall/bulge with a crapload of wet-finish tire shine . I got my maximum bulge when I downsized my rims to 15 inch from 17 inch and got a set of steel rims with a rim width of 9.5-10 inches . 3) What I noticed is that they're alright on dry roads , not much of a difference in braking distance . But the moment the roads are wet , you'll find yourself spinning ( if you're in a RWD). I've personally hit many 180 degree turns in round abouts during the monsoon. 4) Like others have mentioned , try to get those steel belted 900s. Or else you'll end up wobbling for like first 15-20 minutes in the morning after every night ( Like @Rahimdad said , winters are hell for 900s). Also if you get those Thailand/Taiwan 900s, you'll end up in an alignment and balancing shop every 2 weeks. 5) My friends have faced problems in passing the car for renewal in Dubai . But it's okay in Sharjah Tasjeel, I've faced no problems. Also , 900s are banned now in Oman , you'll have a lot of problems with ROP there.
  8. Melvin Martin

    Melvin Martin

  9. Hi Brette . Is is possible to send these pictures to me via email ? The resolution is really bad when I download them from the website .
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