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  1. @Mikhail Lukichev : I just got back from Musandam yesterday . I have prepared something that might help you for your trip. THINGS TO REMEMBER 1. Unclear about rules regarding border crossing with Alcohol. (Atana Khasab has a bar called Darts Bar 26.213723, 56.233832) 2. Carry a pen each to fill up forms at the Oman Arrival Hall to save time. They do not usually provide pens. 3. Almost all the places in Musandam use Arab Emirate Dirhams. 4. Save your and officials’ time by applying for e-Visa beforehand (Incase the online application asks for Port of Entry – Al Daara Border) 5. Not clear regarding ownership papers of car - Best if vehicle is under driver’s name. In case of vehicle under mortgage / Rent a Car: approval papers from the necessary organizations are a must) 6. For Oman Visa details: Use “http://www.rop.gov.om/old/english/dg_pr_visas_agcc.asp” to check eligibility for AGCC Visa (50.00 AED – Only for residents of GCC Countries belonging to selected category). Though I have been told that other professions which are not mentioned in the site have also been approved such as ‘clerical analyst’, etc. 7. Definitely take water slippers because the beaches have pebbles and sharp stones. 8. During checking Omani official asked me if I'm carrying any professional camera such as DSLRs . ( Maybe have to pay extra , not sure ) UAE TO OMAN Border Procedure 1. Drive on E11 towards towards Al Dara Border via Ras Al Khaimah . 2. Drive over one-way tire killer at 26.048322, 56.086789 and park vehicle at 26.049580, 56.088251 on right side. 3. Enter UAE departure hall at 26.049787, 56.087717 with: a) Passport b) Vehicle registration card Ask for exit stamp (mention clearly that you’re travelling to Khasab and NOT there for visa change at any of the counters). Pay 33.00 AED per passport for exit stamp (ONLY by card – e-dirham OR Credit card | e-Dirham card cannot be recharged from the office, have to be recharged beforehand) .Receive exit stamp on passports and an extra slip Pink-White slip (keep it safe). 4. Return to vehicle and move to 26.050195, 56.087695 and pass slip to official through window. 5. Park car at 26.051296, 56.087772 and enter Oman arrival hall in front. Carry: a) Passport b) Vehicle registration c) Oman coverage vehicle insurance d) Address of stay e) e-visa if you have applied for VISA online at ROP (https://evisa.rop.gov.om/) 6. Ask Omani officials for VISA form and complete the form (Carry pen each beforehand). Go to counter and provide passport and form alone to official. Provide others when asked for. Pay 50.00 AED (payable as cash / using Card). Receive passport with visa and extra Pink-White (keep it safe) . 7. Move to 26.051993, 56.088070, park car and exit car (only driver) and pass slip to Omani official. Open boot and show to official. Receive slip with approval stamp after vehicle checking. 8. Move to 26.054293, 56.088090 and hand over approved slip to Omani official through window. 9. Drive to Khasab OMAN TO UAE Border Procedure 1. Move to 26.051477, 56.087608 drive through counter with passports. Receive Oman Exit Stamp from the official (Free). 2. Drive ahead and park at 26.050336, 56.087269, and walk to UAE ARRIVAL HALL at 26.049790, 56.087411 with passports and ask for Entry stamp at any of the counters. (Clearly mention you already have residence visa and not there for visa change). Collect passports with UAE entry stamp and extra Pink-White slip. 3. Drive to 26.048406, 56.086474 for vehicle checking. Provide official with the slip. After checking, receive slip with approval stamp. 4. Drive to counter 26.048037, 56.086488 and pass the approved slip through the window. 5. Drive to Ras Al Khaimah. PLACES TO VISIT (BASIC ONLY) 1. Al Jadi Beach Photo Point – 26.172592, 56.173098 (Great) 2. Khasab Fort – 26.198137, 56.249173 – AED 5.00 entrance fee + Information CD + Oman tourism pamphlet (Great) 3. Jabel Harim – 25.976958, 56.231624 (Great) 4. Cliff over-looking Bassa Beach – 26.213799, 56.234985 (Great) 5. Bassa Beach – 26.212017, 56.236424 (Bleh) 6. Khor Al Najd View Point – 26.091901, 56.363611 (Great) 7. Khor Al Najd Camping Spot – 26.096429, 56.331921 (Bleh) 8. Bukha Fort – 26.144883, 56.153464 (Bleh) 9. Al Khalidiya Acacia Forest Entrance – Can drive through - 26.045059, 56.363629 (High chances of getting stuck in mud if rained recently) (Great) 10. Al Khalidiya Children’s Park Entrance - 26.043421, 56.366832 (Bleh) 11. Al Qala’a Fort – 26.141703, 56.173098 (Bleh) PLACES TO EAT 1. Al Shamalia Grill Restaurant – (Equivalent of Indian cafeterias in UAE) Try grilled : Prawns/ Hammour / Lobster. Family section available on 1st floor. Don’t expect fine dining / luxury, it’s a cafeteria. Also delivers to vehicle / hotel room around Khasab. 2. LULU Hypermarket - 26.199750, 56.250536 – Ready to eat food available near Bakery section + Great for shopping . 3. Wadi Qada 4. Telegraph Restaurant 5. Aroos Musandam I have uploaded word file also along with this reply . Musandam.docx
  2. Oh my god , thank you so much @Jocreative . I thought I was alone with this cat problem . I have absolutely no idea why cats are attracted to the Jeep . They dont pee , they dont tear the seat , they just SIT. Btw , does the smell of Vinegar and Garlic stick to the Jeep ?
  3. Oops , sorry , I forgot to scroll to the later pages for replies.
  4. @Rahimdad - Any updates regarding your device ? Its been 3 years. Still working fine ?
  5. Melvin Martin


    But you'll end up being too fast to catch up with , for Fewbie drivers like me.
  6. Alright perfect ! I'll do it soon . Maybe check everyone's replies and come up with a good informative post. I remember back then , I did try to Google for advices and tips regarding the 900s , but I was disappointed. I guess we can change that now for others.
  7. Thank you @Gaurav and @Rahimdad ! Slow and steady wins the race ! @Frederic , @Brette , @Srikumar , @WiLfY , @hossein , @G.huz - Thanks a lot guys . @Emmanuel - Thanks for keeping a close eye on me for every drive as the Sweeper . Al Faqa is one of my top favourites ! It's been 3 years ! Moreover , 3 years after one of my friends flipped his red JK in Al Faqa ( the resemblance is uncanny )
  8. I know it's been 3 years but here goes. I've had different 900s on my Nissan VTC '06 for around 6 years . 1) Great off-road. Unlike other tyres , I noticed that these tires don't dig a lot when undergoing a refusal. So ,I've had very good experiences while self-recovery. Plus if you want to cross a sand patch , you don't really have to deflate. 2) Looks great ! Like you , I was a big fan of the huge wall/bulge with a crapload of wet-finish tire shine . I got my maximum bulge when I downsized my rims to 15 inch from 17 inch and got a set of steel rims with a rim width of 9.5-10 inches . 3) What I noticed is that they're alright on dry roads , not much of a difference in braking distance . But the moment the roads are wet , you'll find yourself spinning ( if you're in a RWD). I've personally hit many 180 degree turns in round abouts during the monsoon. 4) Like others have mentioned , try to get those steel belted 900s. Or else you'll end up wobbling for like first 15-20 minutes in the morning after every night ( Like @Rahimdad said , winters are hell for 900s). Also if you get those Thailand/Taiwan 900s, you'll end up in an alignment and balancing shop every 2 weeks. 5) My friends have faced problems in passing the car for renewal in Dubai . But it's okay in Sharjah Tasjeel, I've faced no problems. Also , 900s are banned now in Oman , you'll have a lot of problems with ROP there.
  9. Melvin Martin

    Melvin Martin

  10. Hi Brette . Is is possible to send these pictures to me via email ? The resolution is really bad when I download them from the website .
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