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  1. New Lamborghini Urus

    Looks good but does not look like a 4x4 that you can simply take for a spin in the rough. It looks like just another attention seeking toy for them rich kids. DOn't get me wrong but Lambo does not suit on 4x4s.
  2. Car vibrates on throttle.

    Here is the update. Did not drive the car to find out where the sound is coming from but I inspected it some more. I saw rear lsd oil leak (did not see it before so it is new) and inspected the cv joints better to find out yellowish type of paste splattered all over the inside fender. There is some of that stuff splattered on the inner cv joint aswell and there is some oil or shiny fluid under the belts of the ac compressor and engine. I don't think it is death wobble cuz the car is driveable (I dont know till when) and the vibration is a lot less intense.
  3. Car vibrates on throttle.

    Kind of hard to determine wether it is the front or the back but I think it is the cv. I will check next time the car is driven.
  4. Car vibrates on throttle.

    And now the car make clicking sound while accelerating from a dead stop to a 40 kph.
  5. So I didn't want to type this like a complete idiot so I took my time and did some research to what could be the problem. So basically, months ago the car used to vibrate around a 100kph and only on throttle but it was ignored as the vibration was not huge. Someone could have easily blamed it on the tires. But just recently the car started behaving this way. It would go bananas at 40kph all the way to 120kph. So I browsed around the internet and read somewhere that too much torque to one wheel and as I had posted earlier that in a burnout only one wheel would spin so I had every reason at blaming the lsd. But then I also read about cv joint going bad and remembered that i had seen some yellowish fluid around the inside of the wheels. And on recent inspection one of the cv joints was shiny (like oil splattered shiny) and the other dusty. So now I am hanging between diff and cv joint. I want you to help me by asking questions based on the problem so that I can narrow it down to the culprit so i don't burn money and end up nowhere with the problem.
  6. Wider wheel track vs narrower.

    Hahaha real funny. But still, what about looks? I'm thinking of widening the car.
  7. How to restore power to factory specs.

    Hehe, just by spark plugs? nice.
  8. How to restore power to factory specs.

    Really? I never knew.
  9. Hello, I wanna discuss brute force. Not increasing, but restoring. I have browsed around the internet and had a hard time finding the right stuff. So, I am making this thread only to make it easier for people to know what they want. So, a lot of time while getting a used car, you get this feeling including me, that the car is not making the same power as the factory papers boast. Some dyno results will prove that there are lots of horses escaped through the lifespan of the car. Question is, no capital or time spared, how do you get them back? I want to bring this to the carnity pros' attention to go ham on this one and i am adding my suggestion as well. 1. Replace or fix everything under the hood and the fenders. (if like me you treasure your car) 2.Buy a new car. Feel free to add your comments.
  10. Wider wheel track vs narrower.

    @Rahimdad Good place to buy good spacers? Just the rear ones. I am having trouble finding them online because I am having a hard time reading them. I only understand width numbers nothing else.
  11. Fabricating bodywork with foam.

    Yeah right expanding foam, couldn't get the name that time. Although I can't understand the fiberglass part. how do I work with that?
  12. Off road LED lights.

    @Rahimdad thanks but how useful are they?
  13. Radiator fan always on

    Hmmm, maybe in the modern cars it's that way. I have always noticed on older models. Anyways, I would get it checked with multiple mechanics before getting any work done. It helps so that you just don't throw away your money and nothing gets done. I am also guessing that the fan's temperature connection to the engine is cut off (hope that is a thing) so it always stays on.
  14. Radiator fan always on

    As far as I know, the rad fan is supposed to be on as soon as you turn the key 2nd position.