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  1. 1938 Ford rat rod build

    What about an lsd? Maybe something out of a mustang.
  2. 1938 Ford rat rod build

    Nice, then you should really consider wider tires.
  3. Hello, I am going to be working on the exhaust of the 1fz-fe. Rather than welding I want to be using clamps to hold the tubes together. Where is the best place to get some long decent exhaust clamps? A location that is rta friendly. Also what is the diameter of the exhaust of a 1fz?
  4. Funny Car Memes

    Keep posting
  5. 1938 Ford rat rod build

    How much is the car going to weigh when done? An estimate?
  6. Carnity RAV4 appreciation society

    That's a snail.
  7. How to install an inverter.

    The inverter runs the display with the playstation just fine while connected to the battery. I did some research so I believe I am in the safe zone. One thing worth noting is that when I attach the clamp, the central lock triggers. Don't know whats with that. I think connecting to the battery clamp with an eye terminal would be easier. So in the end I only need a longer positive cable as I can hook up the negative to a ground connection in the car. How necessary is the fuse? It seems complex and there is already a fuse on the power supply. What type of fuse do I need?
  8. How to install an inverter.

    @Barry Thanks. Solder. Got it. Yep i did it while the engine was running. Although, I would like a more permanent solution than clamps for the connection to the battery. Fuse? There is already a fuse in there. One more?
  9. Reyonnah steering wheel

    Get a bike.
  10. Sooo, Silly stuff away, I am installing a power inverter in the car to power up a playstation and a small display. The inverter came with two types of power chords, one that plugs into the ciggarete lighter thingy output and the other being battery clamps/clips. I would go with battery clamps because while testing the inverter, the lighter output restarted after 10-20 seconds while on battery it was continuous. My only problem is that the provided battery clamps don't have long enough wiring to be routed all the way through the engine bay into the car. So my real question is that how would I extend that cable. I have normal wiring at my disposal but I don't want to be an idiot and just tape it up. Are special cables required to hook it up to the battery? The reason that i asked this question is because that provided battery cables are thick and a little resistant to bending leading me to believe that they are some different types of cables. Also see if my inverter is good enough. link:
  11. Nissan Xterra 2019 Spy shot

    Look, it's a Navara wearing a bed cover. Means how can they compete with the fortuner without making this a pretend SUV aswell.
  12. Causes of poor mpg

    Yep, nothing. Fortunately there were not too many trips taken without any engine oil or it would have been a disaster.
  13. Causes of poor mpg

    Well, Turns out it wasn't because of the hole in the exhaust. It was because....wait for it....the car was running on zero ml of engine oil. Yeah, it never occured to me to check the level of engine oil. Topped it yesterday and works just fine.