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  1. Glad you guys had fun today!! Sorry I overslept Freddie + Crew - drank too much absinthe last night (I'm not kidding). Also, Are all drives going to be 5 am start going forward? (That would be hard for me unfortunately....) ....
  2. Done. Do you see it now? I did it last time too. Seems every drive this "totally agree" thing doesn't seem to log for me!
  3. Can you see if everything is ok, for my RSVPs now? Everything that needed to be clicked should have been clicked on my end now?
  4. Hi Rahimdad, I've tried to click everything, let me know what else I'm missing? Thanks blockquote widget Not sure the Totally Agree smiley is always working properly. Please let me know what other clicks I'm missing -- I've done this multiple times. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the entertaining trip report Richard and everyone!! Great meeting all, special thanks to Freddie and hope to drive with you all soon!! Xx - Louise with the dog which threw up
  6. Thanks. Have Limited offroad experience (hence newbie), recovery points are indeed in good condition.
  7. Thanks Gaurav. I'm a newbie with a Wrangler JK : would like to join the drive this Friday. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  8. Hi, I'm a newbie with a Jeep Wrangler JK and hope to join you all on Fri.
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