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  1. @Asif Hussain Thank You for leading the convoy and recover my car from back. Excellent!!!. We were very happy with the drive. For the "little naqrah", We must try again for that. Thanks for the video @Remco Snoek VID_24350107_141441_619.mp4
  2. @Asif Hussain yesterday I have done, totally agreed but I dont know it's disappear. I click again just now. 😁
  3. Hi Erik, Nice to know you. Where do you live? AbuDhabi or Dubai? Please see this link: You can get the radio only at dragonmart. I share one of the seller if you want to buy online https://edragonmall.com/collections/two-way-radios/products/baofeng-uv5r-1-5-lcd-5w-136-174mhz-400-480mhz-dual-band-walkie-talkie https://edragonmall.com/products/crony-mt-777-long-range-two-way-radios-rechargeable-protable-radio-wireless-radio https://edragonmall.com/collections/two-way-radios/products/crony-professional-two-way-radio-cn-888
  4. Hi, I bought a bottle jack, and asked welding shop at mussafah for the base plate and 2 additional saddles/supports to fit my rear axle (U shape) and front beam (flat shape). This support can act as extension height as well as for safety. The stopper at base plate is not enough height to avoid slidding/overturning the jack, then I asked them to revise it. Please comment.
  5. So sad😔... I cannot join Al Qudra. I am living in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy guys...😆. I cancelled my reservation. @Asif Hussain how about Al Khatim/ Al Faya/Al whatba ? Can We "drive" 😅?
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