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  • What is Carnity - Car Community?

    • It is an online portal where all members help each other with car problems, solutions, upgrades and modification ideas. Once you have been helped for free when you are in trouble, then you reciprocate the same to another carnity member next time. And this community effort is always growing since 2010.
    • Carnity holds the largest knowledge base of GCC cars since 2010 and host variety of car experts and technicians.
    • Petrolheads, car enthusiasts or novice car owners can benefit from Carnity either by avoiding unwanted/expensive repairs or doing a thorough research before buying a new vehicle.
    • Read more About us here

    Is Carnity free to join?

    • Absolutely yes, it's free to join Carnity and discuss anything related to Car from the most tricky or troublesome topic to the most basic and everyday use topic. So feel free to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join, so that you can contribute to building the largest car knowledgebase in the Middle East.

    Do you sell cars or car parts?

    • No, we don't sell any cars, car parts or provide any car services. We provide this online platform for car owners and car businesses to connect effectively.

    Do you recommend any car business?

    • No, we do not recommend or endorse any car businesses. However, our 16,500 + members do rate and review car businesses in Carnity business listing

    What is Carnity Business Listing?

    • It's a Yellow Pages for Car businesses in UAE along with the ratings and reviews to find best car businesses nearby.
    • It is the most comprehensive car business listing in UAE with categorization and specialization of each car businesses.
    • All the Carnity members get the special pricing, discounts, and efficient and honest services from these car businesses.
    • A rating and review option for car businesses by customers / Carnity members ensures that good businesses get highlighted above poorly rated businesses.

    What is Car Clubs and how to join them?

    • Car clubs are the micro group to drive or share the passion with like-minded car enthusiast's.
    • Carnity host several car clubs and they are open for all members to join for free or request a new car club as per the need.
    • Offroad club boasts over 3 decades of combined experience to train and tackle all level and terrain of offroad drives.
    • Wadi campers, new technology, RC car club, Muscle car club are few other famous Carnity clubs among our members.

    How to join offroad club and how much it cost to drive?

    • Joining Carnity offroad club is free for all Carnity members.
    • There is nothing to pay for each drive other than good and helpful mindset
    • You can join the offroad club at any stage from an absolute newbie - newbies - fewbie - intermediate - expert level.
    • All you need is proper 4x4 to join the drives and required gear as you grow further into this new extreme sport.

    What is Carnity Classifieds and is it free?

    • Carnity classifieds offers to buy and sell cars and car parts from trusted sources and owners for free.
    • It's an ideal place to sell your car from Rolls Royce Phantom or G500 to an off-road weekend warrior to real car enthusiasts.
    • You can also buy and sell used car parts which are ordered by mistake or no longer needed after an upgrade or modification.
    • Focussing on quality than quantity we offer our members to list their advertisements from 1 month - 1 Year tenure for free.
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