• About us

    We are glad that you got curious to stop by here to know more about us and how it all started? 

    Carnity is the largest GCC Car Community in the world that provides a platform in the Middle East to interact and solve car problems, write car reviews and advice.
    Carnity features highly active car forums, best off-road club, genuine car classifieds in UAE, comprehensive car business listings and useful car advices.

    After an attempt to rebuild and fix one of our cars in 2010 failed miserably locally, we seek help from online car communities outside the UAE. The online car communities (forums and clubs) experience was extremely educating and instrumental in getting the car back on the road with minimal time and money. However, there was one major setback in all the feedback that we received online, that it was from Non-GCC car owners and doesn't apply fully to our car. 

    This experience showed us how we lack in receiving such knowledge here in the UAE. Hence came the need to build a capable and dependable car community in the UAE, where technical like-minded car enthusiasts can help each other with their experience and knowledge. With a passion for cars, new technologies, regional updates Carnity aim to bring the best of automobile industry know-hows for Carnity members. Carnity has been responsible for helping our community members save thousands of dirhams in avoiding expensive repairs from unreliable workshops and dealers. And in turn, providing almost free DIY solutions to their car problems.

    What is Carnity?

    It took us very long time almost over a year to perfectly find the most appropriate name for this one and only unique "CAR commuNITY" for GCC specs cars in the Middle East. This combination of CAR and COMMUNITY gave birth to Carnity.

    Ranked No:1 GCC Car Forums

    Managing over 200+ "SPAM FREE" car model forums is a challenging job, that no one has ever dared to do in the Middle East. After 4 years of hard work and dedication, we have been "Ranked No:1 GCC Car Forums" by Alexa in terms of growing traffic and popularity from the UAE car enthusiast's. With over tens of thousands of members from the UAE, we have been very fortunate in realizing our dream vision: "To build a capable and dependable car community in the UAE".

    Used car for sale from real owners

    After years of interacting with real car enthusiast's and filling forum spaces with the used car for sale advertisements, we realized that it's better and useful for Carnity members to have dedicated used car for sale section. We have little inventory of car classifieds just over few thousands, unlike other car classified sites. However, we are sure that these are the highest quality of car classifieds available in the UAE from real car owners and not from car dealers "majorly".

    Car Business listing with car enthusiast's reviews

    With great knowledge, comes the great problem that our members started identifying the useless mechanics and car workshop that charge huge bills and do nothing. These reviews of car businesses buried in the forum are of no great use unless organized within the dedicated section. The prime reason for having over thousands of car business listed in Carnity Business Listing is to identify the good and capable businesses from the lot and provide their full contact details including the GPS coordinates.