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Carnity Forum Guideline

How to use Carnity - Car Enthusiast's Community? (Do's)

Need help: Your car is broken? Do you suspect something is not right? Do you doubt if that suggested repair is rightfully needed? Or just need an opinion on your next car buy?

  • ASK: Actively Seeking Knowledge, after all everything starts from asking.
  • Keep it simple, easy and to the point. 
  • Feel free to ask anything related to Cars in Carnity.com, nothing is stupid or OMG here.
  • Be descriptive and specific about your car concern or topic to eliminate any guesswork.
  • Post in the right car brand and model to be more effective and relevant for people to help you.
  • Start with basic details about your car first by sharing its health, km's, age, symptoms, etc.
  • Share your problem with as much as details as you can: Images, Videos, sound clips etc.
  • Post your new topic and wait for others to start helping you.
  • To increase your chance of being helped, share your topic on social media or with your friends and family.
  • Once people start advising you, take what is necessary and leave what is not.
  • Feel free to discuss and counter-question, as you will learn more information from this reactive behavior.
  • Thread-jacking is most irritating in communities, so don't post your problem in someone's else problem. Be nice and make a new topic.
  • Raise your tolerance considering you are dealing with a multi-cultural platform.
  • Once you are satisfied with the help, please thank the members and appreciate their help.

Like to help: Are you a real community contributor? Really want to help people in trouble? Want to share your knowledge and experiences?

  • Gauge the poster's knowledge first before talking technical jargon.
  • Help with whatever you can, sometimes half help is better than no help.
  • Suggest possible alternate to give them a reasonable choice within the permitted time frame.
  • Don't take it personally, if someone doesn't like your advice or idea be open-minded and move on.
  • Don't assume, if a problem is not clear. Better discuss and get the facts straight before you offer a solution.
  • Feel free to quote other post's and website's reference links than copy pasting the whole content.
  • Provide solutions with pictures, video or diagrams to be relevant and more specific (if you can).
  • Share your experiences of good or bad workshops, spare part dealers, Do it yourself projects.
  • Share your custom projects with timeline, pictures, costing, before & after comparison.
  • Write a review about your own car, it's awesomeness or its performance.
  • Real knowledge is never wasted, so share as much experiences and knowledge as you can.


How to NOT to use Carnity - Car Enthusiast's Community? (Don't)

You must not use the Forum or any part of Carnity for any content that:

  • breaks any local, national or international law or which incites or encourages others to break any law;
  • is racist, sexist or homophobic or otherwise discriminatory;
  • is pornographic, obscene, profane, vulgar, or contains swearing (including words which use * or any other symbols instead of a letter to make the profanity less obvious);
  • is defamatory of any person, business, entity, government, country or any organization;
  • is persistently abusive, threatening, repeatedly a cause of nuisance or annoyance or otherwise illegal towards other Forum users.
  • is otherwise offensive in our reasonable opinion;
  • infringes the rights (including but not limited to the intellectual property rights) of any person or for any legal entity;
  • relates to the conduct of a business;
  • includes advertising, promoting other clubs/groups/websites or is soliciting business, including back links or spamming;
  • Impersonates, or attempts to impersonate another person, whether or not that person is a user of this forum.
  • infringes the privacy of an individual or company, including (but not limited to) posting location and/or contact details of another person without their consent;
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