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Like to help: Are you a real community contributor? Really want to help people in trouble? Want to share your knowledge and experiences?

  • Gauge the poster's knowledge first before talking technical jargon's.
  • Help with whatever you can, sometime half help is better than no help.
  • Suggest possible alternate to give them a reasonable choice within permitted time frame.
  • Don't take it personal, if someone doesn't like your advice or idea be open-minded and move on.
  • Don't assume, if problem is not clear. Better discuss and get the facts straight before you offer a solution.
  • Feel free to quote other post's and website's reference links than copy pasting the whole content.
  • Provide solutions with pictures, video or diagrams to be relevant and more specific (if you can).
  • Share your experiences of good or bad workshops, spare part dealers, Do it yourself projects.
  • Share your custom projects with timeline, pictures, costing, before & after comparison.
  • Write review about your own car, it's awesomeness or it's performance.
  • Real knowledge is never wasted, so share as much experiences and knowledge as you can.


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    • Hi @girix As per my knowledge there are several good life insurance companies out here, you will have to check the one that suits you best with the plan that suits you the best. Alico is a American based and is one of the oldest and reliable, Alliance Insurance is another good company I know of, AXA, RSA, Metlife. Some of the other companies are based in Pakistan and India which can help you even if you are not based in UAE anymore
    • Hi All, My First Post so be gentle! I have just arrived in the Sunny UAE! (3 months) I have now started looking at cars...I have came across a very clean 2008 987 with 135K on the clock, having looked through the history is complete main dealer then ARM and JZM with big bundle of receipts for work carried out.  The Question is what are they like to live with as  a daily driver.. commute is only 20-30Km. i haven't experienced the Summer yet so any advice would be welcome...   Thanks I Advance G.
    • I prefer Mobil 1 anyday, over the other brands. My choice is based on my own experience since last 10 years and Mobil 1 quality and engine response always surpassed other brands.
    • Solid state relay = no clicking noise Relay 45 is not there in gcc models Jumping not advisable as it may cook whole HDM unit. EBay = 35 usd + 25 shipping + 2 week's  Carnity hoo haa, still best option to debug  
    • Usually what you can do is with a small sharp flat blade screw driver is pry of the plastic housing of the relay, inside you can just press the contacts by hands to complete the circuit and see of the headlights come on. Or you can takeout the relay, then take a small piece of wire of a decent gauge and find out which of the two pins need to by jumpered and then use your wire to bridge the gap, as in insert one end of the wire into where one of the pins go into the board and the other end into the other. But you need to know the which holes for lack of a better word need to be bridged to complete the circuit.
      Another very rudimentary and not so reliable test is put your ear close and hand over the relay and switch on the lights, most relay give off audible click and you can also feel the contacts inside the relay.
      Relay in very simple layman terms is a operable fuse. Like when you take out a fuse that circuit does not work and when you put it back it does. Only with a relay you can control when the fuse is in or not ( Although the relays function is not that really of a fuse )
      Also if it is the relay get the part number, and look it up on ebay, you'd probably get it cheaper and faster than the dealer
      For Example|Model%3ATrailblazer&hash=item33a05d2013:g:unoAAOSwZVhWSOva&vxp=mtr
      ALSO a cursory search tells me you should have a similar relay already in the underhood fuse box #45 for the cooling fans, you should be able to swap it for #46 hence no need for all this hoo haa anyways ! lol

      P.S: Ignore most advise given. I forgot its a solid state so probably no moving parts in it. 
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