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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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  • You are responsible for your own actions while driving and participating in any event or drives.
  • You must decide your driving ability and what you and your vehicle are capable of doing.
  • Carnity Technology - FZE, Carnity.com and any of its club are not responsible for any incidents/accidents/mishaps caused during the drive/event to either the participant or the passengers or participating vehicle.

In consideration of participation in any event/drive organized, sponsored, promoted or directed by Carnity Technology - FZE, Carnity.com and any of it's club, the undersigned for himself, his personal representative, heirs, and next of kin HEREBY RELEASES the Carnity Technology - FZE, Carnity.com and any of it's club, marshal, crew, officers, directors, promoters, sponsors, employees and agents of the Club, as well as the owners of the property upon which the event is held, of all liability to the undersigned, whether caused by the negligent act, or omission of the Carnity Technology - FZE, Carnity.com and any of it's club or otherwise while the undersigned is for any purpose participating in such an event/drive. The undersigned acknowledges that there is an inherent risk associated with any/all drives/events, including damage to vehicles, and the undersigned fully assumes the risks involved.

IN ADDITION, the undersigned AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS the Carnity Technology - FZE, Carnity.com and any of it's club from any loss, liability damage, or cost he or she incurs due to such participation by the undersigned, whether caused by the Carnity Technology - FZE, Carnity.com and any of it's club negligence or otherwise and AGREES TO ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK for any bodily injury, death, or property damage from the Carnity Technology - FZE, Carnity.com and any of it's club negligence or otherwise while the undersigned is participating in any of the drive/events. 

By executing this terms of use, you further authorize the Carnity Technology - FZE, Carnity.com and any of its clubs to use your name, photos of you and/or your vehicle for the publicity, advertisement, endorsements, magazine articles or as deemed appropriate for any promotional or commercial activities.


ENOUGH OF ALL LEGAL AND FORMAL TERMS AND RULES, Let's start the engine now and roar.

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