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  1. Definitely an exhausting drive from 8 am to almost 6 pm. But truly truly TRULY exhilarating and worth the time. Cheers to @Ale Vallecchi for a beautiful drive through the deserts. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I honestly learn so much more about my car by letting my car engine "sing" as @Ale Vallecchi so rightly says it 😂 Quick inquiry though, does the full day drive count as 2 fewbie drives towards level promotions? Cheers! Joe
  2. Yup definitely a worthwhile trip and a worthy drive for me especially since its been a while since I've been out to the desert. Was honestly worried about the weight on my H3 with some of the exterior modifications made on it, but still manage to reacquaint myself with the dunes. Cheers to @Ale Vallecchi for leading this drive, with @Jeepie and @Niki Patel coordinating the rest of the group. Most of all I'm grateful that this drive was a success as my friend who hadn't been to the desert in almost 10 years sat alongside me and enjoyed herself! Cheers guys!
  3. Hey guys! I have been out of the country a while and looking to return to offroad driving ASAP. I saw that the fewbie and fewbie plus drives say RSVP limit reached. Does this mean i can't join the drive, and is this based on a maximum limit of people in the drive due to COVID constraints? Would be great if someone could assist with this since I wanna get back on the dunes ASAP! Looking forward to catching up with you guys again! Cheers!
  4. Yeah i was a bit concerned about this when bringing my H3 to the desert, but i was surprised because a lot of the parts for it are still available. A lot of mechanics can have OEM spares ordered and delivered from GM itself.
  5. I do drive one, and I find it to be very capable. It just took a while to get used to how it performs in a new environment because mine hadn't gone off road too often before.
  6. need to get a clean wrap on top. startin to fade @Frederic
  7. That afternoon drive is probably the best send off for me back to my studies. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this group, looking forward to the drives every weekend. Even though I am leaving at the end of this week, this is not the last you've seen of the green H3. *Terminator Voice* "I'll be baack". See you guys soon!!
  8. Eyyyy. I'm at an internship right now and looking like a fool with this smile on my face 😂. Thank you so much🙏🙏.
  9. Hey guys, I am completely new to off-roading, but extremely excited to start as well. Because i study abroad, i never had the chance to go while there was an event happening here. I drive a 2007 Hummer H3. Serviced, all the tow hooks are in working order, including the diff locks and low range gearbox. I will be joining in the morning, looking forward to meeting all of you.
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