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  1. Absolutely thoroughly enjoyed this drive. As @PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke mentioned the first part was fast and challenging while the second part was hard work in many other ways. Thanks a mil @Frederic and @Davie Chase and everyone else with stucks and such. Not many Czech's around so it was a pleasure to have Martin on board for a while. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and we'll all sleep well tonight.
  2. Hi @Gaurav, thanks for an excellent drive this morning. As I mentioned, I certainly received a lot of practice on those ridges today. See you soon. Emanuel
  3. Amazing progress Sam. All the best and hope to drive with you again soon. Though at this rate you'll be marshalling my next drives. 😀
  4. Hi @Davie Chase, Thanks again for the support on Saturday. A lot of learning went on that day. 😆 Quick question, I see you are using a suction cup mount for your GoPro. Is it a GoPro one and does it stick well in offroading? Have you tried mounting it on the outside windscreen? I have recently repurposed my GoPro for offroading (was a scuba diver until recently) and the dashboard mount is working well so far. I want to experiment with out of vehicle mounting to see if I can get more action videos. Thanks, Emanuel
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