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  1. Hi @Davie Chase, Thanks again for the support on Saturday. A lot of learning went on that day. 😆 Quick question, I see you are using a suction cup mount for your GoPro. Is it a GoPro one and does it stick well in offroading? Have you tried mounting it on the outside windscreen? I have recently repurposed my GoPro for offroading (was a scuba diver until recently) and the dashboard mount is working well so far. I want to experiment with out of vehicle mounting to see if I can get more action videos. Thanks, Emanuel
  2. Hi @Gaurav Soni⁹, I have to pass on this drive. Sorry for the late notuce but something came up with my family. Hopefully someone can take my place. Regards, Emanuel
  3. Sounds like a good challenge. I've been trying to take it easy on the gas peddle on recent drives.
  4. Congrat's @Rob S. Hope to drive with you again soon. You were very helpful on our first drive together and very fitting for a support role.
  5. Stats from our drive. Wod that distance be about normal for a fewbie drive? Interesting elevation profile. Correct elevation profile. I had other drives in that profile. This looks better.
  6. Guess who I ran into on the drive out of the desert
  7. Thank you @JeromeFJ, @Shaaz Sha, @Salim Akhtar and @Tareck for a wonderful first Fewbie drive. Good fun and getting more comfortable with riding narrow ridges and cross overs. Posted some pictures in the gallery https://carnity.com/gallery/category/1362-fewbie-mahafiz-sharjah-21-may-2022 @Salim Akhtar, I tried finding that receipt but no luck. Do ask for a quote and then best price. Did anyone see those camels on the highway out of the desert?
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