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  1. Hi @Davie Chase, are these the ones you have installed? Are they still your favorite deflation method? Are yours the Apex brand and can you recommend the place you had yours installed? Hi @Looper, are yours the Apex brand? I read your more recent posts after Ilya's post and wonder if you overall still feel these are worth it. Any other recommendations on this point would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, hope there is room for me on this drive. I decided to go for another drive this weekend.
  3. Hi @Davie Chase - It would be amazing to go out again with you; however, I have decided to stick with the original plan and work up to IM again with my new car. She drives differently that my previous Pajero with all the mods. Safety first. Have a great drive.
  4. Hi everyone, A friend of mine from work may be buying my Pajero though he lives in Riyadh for work. He's interested in joining a club if he buys my Pajero or some other offroad vehicle and I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any decent, well organised, and safety conscious driving clubs in the Riyadh area. Can't wait to get back onto the sand. Having withdrawal issues at the moment. 🤣 Thanks Emanuel
  5. Congratulations @Rk ram. See you on the sand soon.
  6. Got me looking at this again @Mike M.! Wish I were in a position to take a serious look at the White Rhino. Amazing what you've done with her. I've been thinking about upgrades for my Pajero or moving to a more formidable off road vehicle; however, the timing isn't right at the moment. I hope someone in Carnity takes you up on this offer.
  7. Thanks for sharing this synopsis @Frederic. Spot on for the places I've seen already. My first times in Abu Dhabi Sweihan were breathtaking and an exhilarating face paced drive. There are still a few spots on here I have yet to explore including a Liwa trip this year.
  8. Hi @Looper, thanks for letting me know it's ready. I had a look already and inspired that maybe one day I too can make a video professional looking like yours with the overlay labels and data. ...and convince my wife about the justification for the 360 X3. 🤣 We will watch it together later tonight.
  9. Great trailer for the main feature. Those screams near the end sounded familiar. Did you overlay them from the last drive I had here with visitors from Ireland? Sounded very familiar. 🤣
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