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  1. Hello guys! Indeed, a drive in Abu Dhabi, great. Thanks @Asif Hussain for putting this together. I'm in Al Ain, so I'm glad the within Abu Dhabi travel restrictions have stopped. Looking forward to it!
  2. Thanks for the heads up @Rinelle Sanaani! @Ale Vallecchi, @Srikumar, everyone, unfortunately (and hope for the last time) I won't be able to join. Now we can travel within Abu Dhabi, but not to other emirates. Well, in fact, we can travel out of Abu Dhabi, but need a permit to come back in . Hate to miss it, the description of the drive is quite promising... Have fun guys!
  3. Abu Dhabi's travel ban has been extended for a week so, I will have to sit this one out also... Have fun, and congrats Shamil for leading the pack this time.
  4. Hello All. Unfortunately I will need to sit this one out... again. The travel ban to, from, and within Abu Dhabi has been extended for a week. Have fun, and hope to see you soon!
  5. Hello Everyone! Unfortunately I need to sign out of this drive because starting Tuesday (2 June) travel will not be allowed between Abu Dhabi and other emirates, and also between cities within the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It will be Al Ain only for me in the coming days... Have fun! See you next time! PS: I will leave the event now, after posting this...
  6. Thank you for leading us yesterday Fred . Great trip, which I felt started on soft and tricky sand conditions and moved to harder sands as we approached Pink Rock. Thanks also for taking me a second lead. I was a good first time and will surely help me understand the role better. So, I provided a bit of shovel time for all (thank you all, maybe a good thing in these days of almost no physical activity?). An unforced error on my part, and a reminder that you cannot let your concentration drift, not even for a second... Thanks again Fred, and great to see everybody. VIDEO-2020-05-16-10-15-35.mp4
  7. Thanks a lot Fred! The video is great by the way, nice to see my stuck as a landmark in the day's drive 😀.
  8. Thank you Gaurav, and thank you all for your messages. It's been a great learning experience, and it's been incredibly fun. I am grateful for the gropup's dedication, setting up meeting every single weekend, and for showing me all these parts of the UAE that I wouldn't see otherwise. Special thanks to Sri for showing me the ropes in my first five drives. This is one great group of people. Onward!
  9. Thank you Sri and Carnity community, it was a great drive once again. I really appreciate your dedication to organize drives every single weekend, and you taking us to explore so many different places. Look forward to seeing you again soon!
  10. Martin.


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