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  1. Sad but agree with you, stay safe all of you and your families. May Allah bless you all.
  2. Hi Gaurav, I received the notification via WhatsApp just now and wanted to join buts its full, is it a system glitch or I wasn't quick enough
  3. I wish I was with you guys, perfect day and company
  4. Mostafa Taha

    Mostafa Taha

  5. Dear fellow Riders, Its always a joy going you for a ride with you guys, especially with so much of professionalism and accountablity from our leader @Frederic and his wing men @Shamil @Ale Vallecchi @Xaf really a very nice ride with friends, and the best thing is dispite of all the issues of the outside crazy world (Corona and others) we put all that behind and we focused on riding the dunes and enjoying our rides. RESPECT to all of you. See you soon and stay safe Inshaa Allah
  6. Hi all, need your help figuring out what is causing a sound in my steering wheel when rotating my steering wheel nut not continuous though its only in one spot, also need a good body repair shop in Quoz I have a cut in side of the bumper, the part which screws are bolted into and hanged to the body of the car. Appreciate your help
  7. Thanks Brette for making my Profile pic happen
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen and Kids (TG's son), I had lots of fun as always when driving with such good people as you are all. thanks to all that watched over us and kept us safe from harms way and irrational behaviors that can overwhelm you when you are driving among all the crazy off-roaders out there. And if you really want to enjoy calm driving please give a big applause to Richard he is the voice on the radio that reminds you to "Keep Calm and off-road"
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