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  1. Thanks Rizwanm2, wish you all the best Thanks AKR, wish you all the best
  2. Thanks Mahmoud, wish you all the best Thanks Chirag, wish you all the best
  3. Thanks Tbone, looking forward to seeing you next time Inshaa Allah
  4. Thanks Rahindad, totally agree but it needs practice so one can do it daily and help others like he was helped also your “Paratha” helps as well Thanks Michael, wish you all the best
  5. Thanks Wrangled! Congratulations for your intermediate level as well, you both are really nice company with great sense of humor, looking forward to ride alone Thanks Emad, wish you all the best
  6. Thanks Frederic, you guys are the role models of "Pay it Forward" and all of us should be doing the same to others off-road and in our daily road of life
  7. Thank you Gaurav and the whole team Siri, Frederic and appreciate your confidence. Looking forward to learn and be one of the best off-roaders like you all are. Really you all are a group of distinguished off-roaders gentlemen Thanks Sri for your trust, really it was both fun and pleasure riding with yourself. looking forward to learn more from you guys
  8. Thank you Sri for one of the best rides so far, its an amazing feeling when you are finding out the potentials of your own car and yourself as a driver as you feel that you and your car are bonded through this offloading. I always loved surfing and this time I was surfing on the sand dunes.
  9. Hi Fred, thank you for your message, I already attended two Newbies before with my Prado, towpoints are good to go See you tomorrow inshaa Allah
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