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  1. Hi Fred, just returned from a long oman trip and seems like the fatigue is showing up. Haven't been feeling well since morning so will be opting out of this drive to take some rest. Hope you guys have a safe and enjoyable drive.
  2. @Nilakantan Erode just a piece of advice if you choose to go with a prado, go for the GXR as you plan to take it offroad. The vxr comes with leather seats sure but it also has those bumper spoilers that you will need to immediately get rid of as they dont have much clearance for sand driving. GXR on the other hand should be good to take offroad with out much modifications upto fewbie level. Btw if you already have a primary car and buying one to mostly go offroad, nothing more capable than a stock rubicon for any level of drive.
  3. fantastic work guys. Wonderful to see all friends doing their bit. @Asif Hussain @Gaurav Soni @Looper @DP1011 @M.Seidam @Zed Keep inspiring us.
  4. Hi @Varun Mehndiratta, have got some eid guests for the night so doesnt seem likely i will be able to make to an early morning dash. wish you all a safe drive and hope to catchup with you soon.
  5. brilliant drive @GauravSoni, been some time driving with you and was amazing to be back. The area had everything in it for everyone, long range dunes, sharp ridges and technicals. @Looper & @Mario Cornejothanks for the SL and for the sweep respectively. Was a pleasure driving with and meeting the usual gang. Hope to see you all soon again. @Vaibhav my friend, we missed you in the later half, hopefully the car gets sorted soon. Also remember for every Jeep that breaks down there is always a toyota around to help out ☺️😂.
  6. @Srikumar unfortunately car is in the garage and wont be ready intime for tommorw. Was really looking forward to this one. See u next time.
  7. Knowing him he will probably end up there even if he is not the designated sweep.
  8. Asif bhai some dense fog on the way. Will be running few min late. Sorry
  9. You are just saying that but we all know deep down you signed up for a full 7 course meal 😂
  10. Many happy returns of the day Sri 🎂🎊🎉. Godspeed to the XJ 🚀🚀
  11. Eid Mubarak to all fellow off-roaders and to your families.
  12. All the best on your adventure @Ale Vallecchi. Look forward to see updates of your journey which im sure will help other enthusiasts including myself to plan our own.
  13. Fantastic addition to the team. Congrats @Imteeaz
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