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  1. Thanks Dr @Chaitanya D for the fantastic drive and leading us to YT, very well guided by @Vaibhav at SL. My first visit to Liwa and was totally worth it. Like I said after we completed the drive, the fantastic thing about it was everyones company right from when we camped at the night to the drive. Was great meeting everyone including members in the other convoys. Much has been said already about the drive itself so not going to repeat but everyone drove wonderfully well, I am sure the ones who brought their kids and families enjoyed it a lot. @Jaro Tuzinsky & @Pascal cant wait to see the camera and footages you took. Thanks @M.Seidam and @varunmehndiratta for anchoring the convoy, you presence gave a lot of confidence to all the drivers as well as the supports @Karthik Raptor @Waqas Parvez & @Vaibhav . Have a good weekend, see you all soon.
  2. congrats @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler buddy, happy shoveling together.
  3. Thanks @Gaurav for the promotion and to everyone else for the warm welcome. Glad to have joined a special group of people and contribute to the community where i can. Also perfect timing (read Weather) to up the shoveling game 😂.
  4. Yep i remember. The wheels avoided the popout sure but sand went inbetween and the tire kept leaking. When i finished the drive went straight to a tire shop and had the tire taken off and clean the wheel. And thats another issue, if sand does somehow manage to get in it settles in between the grooves that causes leakage at low pressures. Also not all tire shops have experience dealing with beadgrips, if they are not careful while debeading the tire and try forcing with the machine they can again potentially damage the tire.
  5. Thanks again everyone for the well wishes @Tom B @Karthik Raptor you guys are absolutely right, it could just be a bad batch and my luck that ive been having one issue after the other. I think part of my frustration is due to the fact that i used to think the beadgrips will be worryfree. They do have some advantages no doubt bt for me atleast I feel the disadvantages outweigh them if all you are looking for is not to have a popout (that risk can anyway be reduced with better driving skills). For example not be able to fix a popout if you have one is also considerable disadvantage. Like i said my love/ hate relationship with these wheels will probably continue as i dont intend to spend more money on changing them anytime soon 😄. However for those who are looking to get new wheels beadgips, beadlocks, standard offset etc. be sure to understand the pros & cons that come with any of them.
  6. The dealer has sent the damaged tire to yokohama for warranty claim, i am yet to receive a feedback. I have used it for about 7 months now, obviously i tried to pin it on the dealer that its the issue with the tire so lets see how it goes. But ive seen this a general issue with the beadgrips, like i said u may want to upgrade wheels for other reasons looks, offset etc. but believe me pop-outs are way easier to fix on non-beadgrip wheels 😊
  7. Thanks again for the wonderful morning drive @JeromeFJ. The rest of the gang was spectacular as expected from a strong convoy, a bit of an issue with my tire but thanks to the team again we had the spare one on in no time. Thought will give some feedback on the issue of my rear tire. The tire beads were completely destroyed so had to change it completely. I had the other rear tire taken off as well as i wanted to put the new tires at the rear and though the tire was fine for use its beads had similar but lesser wear. The root cause ofcourse is the beadgrip wheels that i have, how and why does it have this impact on the tires i am yet to understand but they surely do impact the tires life, somone i know who also had a similar experience said the geolanders are too soft for these type of wheels, they need more rugged tires with thicker walls. Either way I think ive been quite vocal in one of the other discussions about the beadgrips and my love/ hate relationship with them since i bought. Just another word of caution for those who are looking to buy one of those, u are better off learning to drive at reduced tire pressures or getting standard offroad wheels if its just for the looks.
  8. Man your car project has taken really long. Hope your mechanic has it sorted this time.
  9. Well you have the jeeps to keep you company when you get stuck 😂
  10. Missed the event, im sure was a wonderful gathering. Unfortunately my family doesn't share my enthusiasm for the desert so had other plans 😅. Hopefully will be able to convince them for next time.
  11. Any member in @Carnity will tell you why people line up for drives with the 3 big marshals @Srikumar @Frederic & @Gaurav, thats not just because the drives are enjoyable but theres so much to learn. To have all three of them in the same drive is a rarity for sure but its also the ultimate pinnacle of off-roading experience, knowledge and skill that one can hope to drive with in this club. I just happened to be one of those lucky ones who fell in the same convoy and boy I can tell you I had the experience of my life. Cant thank enough to all three of you for the guidance but especially @Srikumar for the amazing route and drive. It felt like there wasn't a bowl or a climb we had missed so much so that by the time we reached our final destination the Y-60 Hill, no one had the energy left to try the climbs. It was only after @Frederic ventured to the top from one of sides that we all followed for a truly memorable end to the drive. @Amr Aydin you were amazing today, didnt feel one bit that this was only your 3rd intermediate drive. The lines you took really helped me make those climbs. My friends @Waqas Parvez & @Vaibhav I dont need to even tell you what great drivers you already are, we started our journey in a convoy on AlAin road more or less in the same order 😃, joined our marshals convoy on the way and back with our hearts fully content and minds still in Al Quaa. We will all be waiting for those amazing videos off your cameras. @JeromeFJ just a fantastic job at the back being sweep, im sure the sand was mighty churned up by the time it was your turn but not a single wrong foot from you. In the end, it would be unfair not to thank @GauravSoni for choosing to lead the 2nd convoy making sure all the wait listers got accommodated. That you still chose to lead even after losing your phone before the drive started, just goes on to show your commitment & leadership. From the chat I had with guys in the other convoy, it was clear they had an equally amazing time in your lead. Congrats on your first lead in Quaa, and im sure many more to come which i will be glad to join. See you all soon my friends!
  12. great convoys cant wait to get to the starting point. Thanks to @GauravSoni for making sure no one misses out on this epic drive.
  13. Well good on you that you asked, i am going for shock & Awe treatment when i pack up my stuff. Will later worry if i will be allowed back.
  14. Too bad man, its been 3 weeks now i hope you get it sorted soon. Hopefully many drives this season that you will be able to join
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