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  1. Well done @Chaitanya D for leading us with excellence! First time I saw balloons to start and paragliders hovering over us It was a great idea to have the drive on Saturday, loved it and looking forward to the next one
  2. Hi @Wrangeld unfortunately my car is under repair and won't be ready for Friday... someone can have my place. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks Gaurav, saw my car in the "stuck" section of the video! I suggest that you emphasize the message of disabling the air bag and also show an example because it looks like you need to press button but it is more complicated than that
  4. Hi @Gaurav, it was really surprising what happened as it wasn’t any big impact or move, but I guess the car was overreacting to a potential risk… luckily I have off road insurance cover and in the process of getting the unknown traffic accident police report given that there was no other car involved I honestly don't remember about disabling SRS and didn't see the video briefing, can you please send me the link? I always read the instructions and give the agree emoji but never noticed that there is a video. It should definitely be more emphasized I don’t think it is easy to disable SRS in the LR4 (it is easy to disable for the passenger side) and I saw posts in the community that it might invalidate the insurance or warranty if you install a kill switch Thanks @Emmanuel for a great morning in the desert. The most beautiful place I visited with Carnity. Now dealing with insurance company to get things fixed
  5. Thanks! Hi @Barry can you please give me a call on 0568283900?
  6. Well done @Chaitanya D! Quick question: what was the name of the car expert you told me about last week that does car assessments?
  7. Dear @Shamil and @Frederic, I really hate to do this, but just got a call from my boss and will need to work today because we are in a time critical transaction my deepest apologies. I was really looking forward to a small group drive today, enjoy! Jorge
  8. Thank you all for a great morning in the desert! @Frederic showed his skills of getting unstuck and was great to be able to help the convoy use the easier path. I was surpoprised that for the first 2 hours I could ride with the windows open...it is a very different experience and nothing like an afternoon nap to recover from the short night sleep We covered 36km and did some serious dune climbing to test our cars' limits @Wrangeld your Jeep is great and so compact. Thanks for all the help @George Francis sorry that we were too fast at times, I was keeping my eye on you and Frederic enjoy your Saturday
  9. Dear Community, I am really sorry but had an injury in my right arm earlier moving some large shelves and won't be able to attend today's drive I was looking forward to it...
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