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  1. Thanks a lot guys! Really happy with the promotion!! I am having such a crazy week with the stock markets so volatile that I didn’t see this before Last Friday I visited a very empty Dragon Mart and bought all the gear needed following @Frederic very useful post looking forward to more adventures
  2. Dear community my LR4 had 3 times the dashboard message “low coolant level” and in the first 2 occasions Land Rover has to replace one of the 20+ pieces of the related system because there was a leak. Last time was 10 days ago and they said that there was no leak and did a top up of the coolant to a very high level. I checked for leaks but couldn’t find one but the coolant level went down a little by 3-4 mm in the last 8 days with measurements taken early morning before starting the car the car warranty expires in 2 days and they are desperate for me to buy an extension and that makes me suspicious of their behaviour because I was told that coolant shouldn’t go down what should I do? Take it back to Land Rover?
  3. Thank you all for the very special day, loved it! Looking forward to the weekend @Frederic would you sell one of your radios? Any recommendations for a flag for my LR4?
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