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  1. Hi @Foxtrot Oscar unfortunately I have last minute work to be done today and won’t be able to join you. Enjoy the dunes Angela and convoy
  2. until

    Hi @Frederic can you please add me to the waiting list?
  3. @Emmanuel I am also very sorry but my car was supposed to finish its service today, but the garage didn’t do it as promised (only Saturday morning now) I hope you guys have an amazing time!
  4. Nice pictures @Shaz Shah ! It was another amazing drive led by @Emmanuel with mastery. We covered a lot of ground and the morning fog + sun was a rear treat. @Tero Vallas great second lead. I am amazed how your car doesn’t have a scratch or dent after so many drives! @Rizwanm2 it was a tricky tug on top of the dune and I am glad we did it safely @Christian Andras have a look at your tire the noise was quite loud at times
  5. Hi @Luca Palanca Falsini my car had a battery issue and I will have to replace it but couldn’t do it on time for tomorrow’s drive and unfortunately will have to miss it. Hope you all have a great time!
  6. I agree with you @Ahab Shamaa it was a great morning in the desert that required full attention. Thanks @Srikumar for the great lead and @Craig Finlayson for showing me how to disable extra functions on my Jeep that I wasn’t aware of and made driving easier Looking forward to the next oneLooking forward to the next one
  7. Too much work @Lorenzo Candelpergher! It was a great initiative to do a mid week drive and I thoroughly enjoyed. Loved the dunes at the start
  8. It was an amazing drive, the best I had! Thanks @Emmanuel Abu Dhabi takes off road and dunes to the next level and it was empty and very smooth @Kalahari and @Christian Andras thanks for the great company and support How about doing a weekend or weekday trip to Liwa?
  9. I did my DPI today and all green on the app how much time should I budget for the border crossing to show the app result?
  10. @Emmanuel it was a manifique morning with great dunes to climb and lots of technical patches with some great exploration at the end. The idea of having a small and experienced convoy was great and made the whole experience even more special agree with @Christian Andras that is was one of the best ever drives! great video @Craig Finlayson ! please do another extreme drive
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