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  1. @Gaurav Thank you very much for your trust... Definitely, i will join the next week drive.
  2. Thank you @shahid... see you the week after Many thanks Siddharth.. see you next drive
  3. Thanks @Gaurav... unfortunately i will miss being in your convey this week.
  4. Thanks @Wrangeld for your nice words.. we enjoyed the drive and definitely will meet soon. Regards
  5. Hi @Srikumar Swihan is one of the best deserts where you can fund all the driving levels, and I'm sure that all the people who will join you will get a lot of Experience in this trip. Unfortunately i will not be able to join my XJ brother in this trip. I wish you all the fun and enjoyment. Regards, Omar
  6. Hello Everyone, I wish i will be able to join you this weekend, but unfortunately i had an operation today and will miss you this week. Hope to meet you next week. Regards, Omar
  7. Hello Guys, I'd like to join you this afternoon if you don't mind. I had more than 7-8 years experience in off road drive and i was member in other off road clubs. Regards, Omar
  8. I need to fuel my car.. is the assembly point in petrol station?
  9. @Frederic please add me on WhatsApp so i can talk to you over the phone in case i need any assistance as I'm coming from Sharjah. 0508883174
  10. i have Jeep Cherokee 2000 Green color has two points with prior experience in off road
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