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  1. @Anish SApologies I signed up for this afternoon drive by mistake, and I cannot attend tomorrow. Have taken my name off. Have a safe and fun drive.
  2. Thanks Angela @Foxtrot Oscar for an amazing drive. You're always pushing the envelope a little bit while ensuring everyone is safe and that makes for a great adrenaline rush. I enjoyed this location which I hadn't done before, but with the weather heating up the pajero continued to disappoint with the transmission coolant temperature. I have to admit I too was feeling a little worse for the wear by the 2 hour point of the drive, and therefore thought it safest to exit. The recovery while crested was a new one for me - thanks for the compliments @Ashok chaturvedibut I wouldn't have done it without @Foxtrot Oscar talking me through it. Definitely felt quite good to recover from that position without having to get out of the car See you all soon on the sand !
  3. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi. I will bow out this time as I’m getting the vaccine the previous day and not sure I’ll be up for this drive the next day. I signed up for a Sat afternoon drive instead. Hopefully next week ! Enjoy and drive safe.
  4. hi @Luca Palanca Falsini unfortunately I will not be able to join this drive. You guys enjoy and be safe. Best, Asif
  5. It was an amazing drive yesterday - thanks @Foxtrot Oscar for the lead. I was surprised how well my pajero climbed the steep and tall dunes - it feels like the engine has opened up a bit over the past few months and cranking more power. Thanks to @Kailas for guidance when I was stuck and to @GauravSoni for the creative advice on using the heating to tackle the overheating of my transmission oil. It worked twice ! Got a nice pic of @Ilya Golubinsky which i’ll post into the gallery. See y’all soon !
  6. Thanks @Frederic. Mine is a 3.8l LWB 2018 model year with 13k on the clock, so quite new. I did have the transmission overheat issue which was mainly when I was driving in “D”. Using tiptronic makes the situation much better. I opted not to install a fan since my car is still in warranty. At the 10k checkup with al habtoor they told me the transmission fluid is fine and doesnt need changing, which was the opposite advice to a 3rd party garage which told me the fluid seems like it should be changed. Again, i havent done it due to the warranty, and the last couple of drives including liwa the car fared much better due to the cooler weather and driving in tiptronic all the time (even on easy dunes and flat areas). My tyre pressure when off roading is normally 13 psi. would be glad to learn from other peoples experiences on this subject
  7. Hi @Chaitanya D, I am unfortunately exiting this drive due to some family commitments. You guys have fun and be safe !
  8. My sincere apologies @Jeepie, something has come up and I will not be able to join this drive tomorrow. Drive safe and see you next time!
  9. Hi @sertac with apologies I will have to leave this drive as I have a family commitment which I cannot escape ! I will exit the RSVP and hope you guys have a fun and safe drive !
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