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  1. Thank you everyone. Looking forward to learn more about offroading. I am Excited to more challenges ahead.
  2. Thanks to the team who lead us today it was a amazing drive and full of learning. Taming the sand is not easy but it was a worthwhile experience. Thanks to the whole convoy it was a good drive for us. @Wrangeld @Foxtrot Oscar @Lorenzo Candelpergher Great Job
  3. @Wrangeld i have been miss out on your list of convoy. Kindly re-check it again.
  4. @Gaurav and @Kalahari . thank you for the drive. it was wonderful...looking forward to join your lead again next time.
  5. Hi @Srikumar . Sorry i cannot attend tonite drive. I am not feeling. I thought i could feel better today. So sad not able to attend. Till next time
  6. @Sreejith Sreenivasan thank you for this wonderful video. @Mohamed Seidam thank you as well for video at the back side of recovery.
  7. as what have been mentioned above. vitaly works good for me can pump 2 tires or 4 tires at once. There are heating issues but you still can manage pump air quickly. Just go for the 2 piston air compressor for faster filling
  8. @Srikumar thank you for the wonderful ride today. And also all the best for the team of today. You have done great. i have some quick video of todays ride. you can all see in this link. https://gopro.com/v/Jb7Nava6qJDkg
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