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  1. Hi @Ale Vallecchi . Unfortunately, I just heard that my car will not be ready by Friday so I have to cancel but I will likely join as a passenger so I don’t miss it (even if I am not driving). Thanks, Nabil
  2. Hi @Rahimdad, I got a spot on Ale’s fewbie + drive, so my spot on this drive can be taken by someone on the waitlist. Thanks !
  3. @Ale Vallecchi it seems to me the spot was taken after I asked to be on the waitlist. I may be wrong but would appreciate if you can check when you have some time. Thanks
  4. Thanks @wrangled and all. It was a bit daunting driving in the dark for the first time but a lot of fun - also loved the pace. Look forward to more drives !.
  5. Thank you @Gaurav & @Frederic for the fun trips and for guiding me through them.. look forward to more trips, to more learning and to helping others. thank you all for the praise !
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