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  1. im confused here.. why 2 cars at the bottom when someone is doing side slope. 😵
  2. Hi @Sayed Bilal, im not sure if i can mention garage names here. But popular off road garages in ras al khor or in al quoz should be able to do this.
  3. Dear @Imteeaz @Sayed Bilal @Jonny90. For higher level drives it is equally important to disengage ABS and traction control. Best thing is to get kill switch installed by a professional for ABS and traction. I believe it wont cost you more than 200 - 300 dhs.
  4. as per my understanding 35" is diameter of the tire. usually wrangler have skinny tires, so if you install fat tires it will rub on full turn or articulations.
  5. @varunmehndiratta i would suggest first you check what size tire will fit in your jeep without any rubbing, even though you can go upto 34 inch tyres the width will have some rubbing issues. (unless you lift or install spacers). im all in for geolanders due to excellent performance, good road comfort and reasonable price.
  6. Excellent recovery executed by @GauravSoni . i think @Gerrit Bus or @Gregory took video of it. appreciate if you can post so we all can revisit and learn.
  7. Dear Friends, It was my pleasure meeting you all on a beautiful saturday morning, we start sailing about 6.30 after clearing the fog. As per my initial plan i wanted cover lot of long range high dunes, but due to previous day rain sand was damped and very slippery. after about 30 mins of driving i believe due to wet sand condition @Jessica Lambert had a pop out at the exit of slide slope. it was quick fix with help of all the members and we started to sail again searching for clean sand. finally we managed find some dry clean sand to enjoy some high ride and ridge riding, but the strong wind to slip face made it verse to ride the ridges, so we played it safe on some medium range dunes, Through out the drive we had fare share of all the experience. high ride on long range dunes, ridge riding, slide sloping, high speed baja run in the sabka and lot of technical dunes as well. im very happy with everybody performance until we reach our exit point at solar park. very good discipline through out the drive and helping each other on recoveries and stucks. 🙏 my special thanks to @GauravSoni appearing as special guest and helping all of us through out the drive. @Haitham Khattab you did great as second lead, reliable second lead behind lead is always peace of mind for the lead. 👍 @Gregory thank you very much for all the support through out the drive for all the recoveries. 👏 @Senthil Kumar thank you for all the update from behind the convoy 👍 Thank all other members as well @Jessica Lambert @Peter Hager @Ignacio Quindós @Tareq Al Turq @Sam K @Gerrit Bus @Imran Kashif @Tareck for great team work and enthusiasm through out the drive. hope you guys enjoyed the drive. see you soon next time. cheers, have a nice week ahead.
  8. Congratulations.. @Jonny90.. enjoy your new level. 👍
  9. congratulations bro.. @Imran Kashif 👏 Enjoy your new level.
  10. dear friends, please find below convoy list for tomorrow morning, we will be using carnity channel no 4 for radio communication. hope to see you all tomorrow morning 6.00 AM
  11. sorry to hear @Daniel Rodas, hope its not a major issue @Senthil Kumar you received the spot from daniel, Please confirm your attendance for tomorrow to finalise the convoy list.
  12. Good Morning Guys @Haitham Khattab @Imran Kashif @Tareck @Tareq Al Turq @Gerrit Bus @Gregory @Peter Hager @Ignacio Quindós @Jessica Lambert @Daniel Rodas @Sam K In order to enjoy the drive safe and fun i have set the maximum number of drivers to 12. Please let me know if there is any change in plans for your weekend, as we have some waitlisters who wish to join the drive. Dear waitlisters @Senthil Kumar @Beide Worku @Ashutosh Garg i really wish i could add you guys to the drive but due to safety and carnity rules i could not add you guys at the moment. but i can see there is place for all 3 of you for a fewbie drive happening at the same time, Please feel free to join if its suits you. i will post the convoy list by today evening and hope to see you all tomorrow morning, cheers, you are in 🙂
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