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  1. If I manage to get into the Doc's drive on Friday, this will be offical Carnity #50. I'll bring the snacks and tea 😁
  2. Could literally replace this entire mess with a single sign that says "CAUTION: NO FUN ALLOWED"
  3. good luck with the sale. Very nice looking off-roader!
  4. Theres always the quick-release winch mount and QD(Quick Detach) wiring hookup. Put the winch (strapped down) in the back, and if the 1-5% occasion occurs, stick it on in around 1 minute. Plenty of kits out there if you go this route. 👍
  5. Great work on moving to Fewbie Level. Im sure you'll have a great time learning lots of new skills and tackling some fun challenges!
  6. Congrats mate. Looking forward to driving with you again soon.
  7. wow thats a solid bumper! When I put a steel bumper on my pajero (mostly for clearance after i damaged the plastic one.. i had it made of thinner steel and came to around 20kg. I didnt notice it making much of a difference other than clearance + the few times it hit a dune there was no discernable marking/ damage.. 20kg vs ~80kg is a pretty big difference tho. while i dont have a winch ive been dragged out of stucks a few times by those who have them. My view is that they are a great connivence to save time in the extreme heat on someone elses recovery instead of doing it the 'slow way' with kinetic ropes for those very very stuck situations.. but sometimes recovery is the fun part of the day and problem solving with the ropes is enjoyable. TLDR; thats a super heavy front combo imho, dont think a winch is *really* needed if you driving in a big group with experienced leaders.
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