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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. @Kalahari thanks for your feedback on the issue. Yeah definitely later in the year, need a break and got some business to sort out. Take care.
  2. @Lorenzo Candelpergher Yeah i clearly didn’t catch that joke ? 😂 I hope that next time you will be able to make a better choice for the sweep as pointed out in your clarification that i’m not cut out for it as i’m of a lower rank and not capable enough to support your drives (funny though as I was sweep in your last extreme drive) and mostly only do sweep since I've started with Carnity…..not sure how my rank matters one day and the next it doesn’t, but it made it into your clarification in anyway, i dont see how it was relevant to the day’s events….. Just to add to the issue you hav
  3. @Shehab Alawadhi thanks mate, looks good. Hi @varunmehndirattano mate, got other plan for the summer, might return after will see…..
  4. @Lorenzo Candelpergher another frustrating drive it seems. I have a few comments on your report; Firstly with regards to you reporting that i ignored your instructions? It comes as a surprise as I did request over the radio to fix it quickly as its not a good idea to drive without it especially in the big dunes where we could possibly be crossing other convoys, it was fixed in 1 minute, but its up to you to interpret that as you wish. Secondly your comments on the sweep, the center forward (senior) and the car following him did not communicate that they got lost, neither did the car
  5. @Lorenzo Candelpergher yes for sure it was a busy drive, i can recall getting my arms tangled few times trying to get my truck going in the direction it was supposed to go 😂 2nd time my tuck went to its limits on fuel ⛽️ ! Was a good drive by the whole team, i just have one comment, keeping a good distance is essential to avoid getting to close to the car in front if you need to suddenly slow down and then on the other hand dont give to much space to not being able to see what the driver in front of you are doing. I always like to keep an eye on the car in front of me to be able
  6. I think both @Lorenzo Candelpergher and @Luca Palanca Falsini drives are excellent, its always exciting to see them going over dunes etc and making me at the back think like lol good luck to the rest follow that ... 😜✌🏼It sure proved to be a challenge as ive seen in my last few extreme drives ! the extreme drive in Abu Dhabi was just great as well with @Emmanuel , no drama at all, all excellent drivers on that day, good fun, the way it should be!
  7. @Gauravand all the marshals ive driven with over the past almost 1 year now. Its been fun. See you all on the next extreme drive!! 🥳
  8. @Thomas Varghese as you found it necessary to attack me in you original response and due to subsequent response by the trip lead on the events of the day, I see no need to further entertain any discussion. I hope you understand. Thanks and have a good day.
  9. Hi all, so the issue with my car was normal wear and tear as they say, the front drive shaft bushes are starting to wear out and as a result caused light knocking noise/ feedback into the cabin, obviously the regular desert driving adds more strain on a vehicle than normal street driving and then occasional speed bump and sidewalk you drive over... they will replace them under warranty. It’s always a good idea to listen to your car when something isn’t as it normally is rather than keep on pushing just to save face.
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