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  1. @Islam Solimanmy apologies. Can't attend tomorrow. Work calls. Thank you!
  2. Guys Google maps is acting up. Triple check the destination during navigation
  3. @Ale VallecchiJust to confirm, the below is the location for the starting point right?
  4. @Hisham MasaadThis is the correct location of the starting point? please confirm.
  5. Hello @Ale Vallecchi Greetings! I will be bringing the xterra for the drive. In fact, I won't be using the Infiniti for off roading anymore, so il remove it from my profile. Apologies for the confusion. Looking forward to the drive. Regards Krishna
  6. Thank you @Hisham Masaadfor adding me to the drive. I will be driving an xterra. Looking forward to driving with you after a long time 🙂
  7. It didn't know that am a newbie. Must have recognized the car and was like I need to give a route that suits the car's reputation 😅
  8. Thank you for starting this thread @Karthik Raptor. so last night, I clicked on the link from the post thread and checked the destination - it was correct. However, when I was on the way, Google maps showed a "faster route available" and once I clicked that, the ETA was cut down by 10 mins and it started taking me inside the desert. After about 700 metres driving in soft sand, I could see big dunes coming up. Stopped the car and called @Chaitanya D and he sent a Location on WhatsApp which was 38 kms away. Thank you guys for waiting for me but as @Karthik Raptormentioned, it wasn't a great experience to get started on a rush. I wasn't deflated properly due to the rush. I was running on soft suspension until someone got stuck so I had to time to fix my suspensions and off-road lights. And you know about my radio 😀.
  9. Hello Doc @Chaitanya DI have had this car for sometime now and i went for a drive last weekend with @Islam Soliman. Completed the drive with 0 stucks and 2 refusals I am comfortable and confident with the car and would love to join the drive. The car has extra lights as well for night drives, if it helps my case
  10. @Chaitanya DHello Doc. Just wanted to inform you that, in case I get shortlisted for the drive, I will be bringing an Xterra. All prerequisites are confirmed - tow hooks, clearance, shovel radio etc Looking forward
  11. Wow. What a convoy! Hope everyone turns up for this epic ride!
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