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  1. I am sure the evening would be wonderful @Gok Krish Let me see if I can join, at least for the camping part.
  2. It was an amazing party guys. Regarding the litter part, It was almost clean when I woke up at around 10 am and whatever remaining litter was there was picked up diligently by @Gaurav Soni and @Tharun Kumar V to leave the place spotless. The area wasn't like a typical desert and had soft and very hard patches mixed around. Good for camping but not for driving Thanks to everyone that made this happen. See you in the sands soon!
  3. Hello Top G @GauravSoni I will withdraw my name as my car isn't ready yet. Whoever takes my spot from the waitlist, enjoy the dunes for me as well 😘
  4. What a drive! My first in Al Quaa. Started off with a nice camping session with @GauravSoni and @Gok Krish. Into the desert in the morning and I was awed by the size of the dunes and bowls and we went crazy from the get go. A quick popout which was fixed quickly and we continued on to the bigger bowls deep into the desert. Just as when we finished the warm up and started playing with sharp ridges, i lost my steering and came down the dune with my heart in my mouth. Serpentine belt broke . A quick call to the mechanic meant the belt was unavailable till the eve, so we decided to leave my car and continue the drive. My first ever drive in the passenger seat and I am scarred for life. Now I know why my wife is scared to come with me into the desert. At a couple of switchovers, i gave up and started getting visions of my dead ancestors. @GauravSoniwas laughing his ass off looking at my face after every climb and switch. Everyone drove brilliantly but the people that enjoyed the best were @Chris Wing @Mario Cornejo @Naveen Raj and @Gok Krish. Post the drive, @GauravSoni and I went to the garage in al quaa and the guy greeted us with the belt in his hand. fixed in 5 mins and i started my long drive back to Dubai. Excited for the next week's drive @GauravSoni looking at you. Until next time boys, Until then, Keep calm and check your engine belt.
  5. Someone bring a funnel for fuel fill up please. Also, I will be camping at the start point tonight. Any company?
  6. @Hisham MasaadSad to see you go. Badayer wouldnt be the same without you.
  7. Thank you @Frederic plan is still on as I am expecting to leave here in 30 mins, but with 3 ladies in the fam, you can never be sure 😅
  8. hey @Fredericstill stuck in bur Dubai for Diwali shopping. I still hope to make it, however, is it allowed to come directly to the camping area?
  9. I have given my name for Gaurav soni's team. Do i get to join for free with this golden ticket? @Gaurav
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