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  1. @Hisham MasaadSad to see you go. Badayer wouldnt be the same without you.
  2. Thank you @Frederic plan is still on as I am expecting to leave here in 30 mins, but with 3 ladies in the fam, you can never be sure 😅
  3. hey @Fredericstill stuck in bur Dubai for Diwali shopping. I still hope to make it, however, is it allowed to come directly to the camping area?
  4. I have given my name for Gaurav soni's team. Do i get to join for free with this golden ticket? @Gaurav
  5. Hello @Looper Thank you for adding me to the drive, However, I have to bail out as my DCT practice drive would be happening around the same time. We just came to know about it last night. Cheers!
  6. Dear Carnity Crew, Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone of 13 years! My heartfelt congratulations to the entire Carnity family as you mark over a decade of thrilling offroad adventures in the UAE. Over the years, Carnity has become a symbol of unity and excitement, bringing together offroad enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Your club's commitment to teaching offroading skills from the basics to the most extreme challenges is truly commendable and has undoubtedly enriched the lives of countless members. In a region known for its stunning dunes and challenging terrains, Carnity has stood out as a beacon of excellence in promoting safe and responsible offroading. Your dedication to fostering camaraderie and sharing knowledge among members has created a tight-knit community that supports and encourages one another in their offroad endeavors. As you reflect on the remarkable journey of the past 13 years, may you take pride in the memories made, the skills honed, and the friendships forged through countless dune bashing adventures. Your commitment to the sport and to each other is a testament to the spirit of adventure that defines Carnity. I look forward to seeing Carnity continue to thrive and grow, bringing the joy of offroading to new generations of enthusiasts. May our future adventures be filled with even more excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. Once again, congratulations on this incredible milestone, and here's to many more years of thrilling offroad adventures! ~Krishna
  7. @Looper Thank you. Anyway it was tentative, but I don't think now it might happen. Thank you bro. see you next week.
  8. hey @Loopercan I join tentatively. have jack, wooden board, compressor, ropes and whatnot
  9. Congratulations @M.Seidam @Stumpy Paj @Naveen Raj @Zed @Rajiv Sam @DP1011 @Looper A special shout out to @Davie Chase for salvaging an almost cancelled drive and rising up to the occasion to ensure everyone could make the most of a 4 am wakeup last weekend.
  10. Okay, The below is my progression with offroad skills with respect to my driving style and gear preference. My car has 4H, 4L ONLY. NO 4H part time. In Carnity: Newbie & Fewbie - 4H - D. Had no performance issues. Car shifted as per requirement. Fewbie plus - Same gearing as above but learnt to control the power with my foot on the gas. Intermediate - This is where I felt the car was shifting the way i did not want it to. Tried manual in 4H and the car did what I wanted. After a few intermediate drives, I went back to 4H - D and learnt to push the car without it upshifting automatically. Other clubs - There were a few drives where everyone was driving in 4L and I obviously couldn't do some of the manoeuvres they did as I was driving in 4H. I was advised to try 4L which i did and was pleasantly surprised with the stability and torque. What I was doing at 5K rpm in 4H, I was doing it in 2K rpm in 4L, However, I did not continue in 4L so as to not wreck the car. The Xterra has a weak front diff. Based on my experience with other popular clubs, I can second to what @Gaurav has mentioned above. Most of them are backed by garages and after a few drives with them, you would be pressurized to add unnecessary mods ( i have seen newbie fj owners recommended extra transmission cooler, headers etc.) and also safety usually takes a back seat. As for specialized classes, I have friends that have taken the classes and benefitted. I, personally learnt by going on drives. Cant say I know much but I am happy with my learnings and the pace of it. It is highly subjective. I have no plans to enter the desert on my own anytime soon but I will eventually get there in an year, maybe 50 more drives.
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