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  1. It can be changed, not sure about the cost. @Santoso Marjukihas swapped the transfer case on his rubicon.
  2. For rubicon the speed is limited to 45kmph in 4L as the chances of breaking the transfer case is high on high speeds due to 4:1 ratio, it's basically a rock crawler. The sport and Sahara trims can go upto 85kmph in 4L and those who drive in 4L says they feel more confident due to better control and instant torque delivery when needed. Those who drive rubicon in 4L at extreme level have their transfer case changed to 2.71:1 or they choose to drive in 4H if its the stock one.
  3. Used kumho 285*70/R17 on my JL 2 door rubicon, climbed the tall dunes like Nagra and Mohd Ali Dune on 4h auto in 2ng gear with ease, my sweet spot is 9psi..Recenlty upgraded to cooper At3 which is tad lighter than kumho and feels overall improvement in grip and control.
  4. @Frederic thanks for the wonderful drive. It had a mix of everything for an intermediate. Happy weekend to all fellow drivers.
  5. I know some of our Carnity friends who broke their JL transmission for their love to do extreme drives in 4L with other clubs..😃
  6. @GauravSoni what an amazing drive bhai, no words to describe as it was kind of an extreme action which was deserved well in Al Quaa and u did justice to it. Everyone drove exceptionally well. @Krishna Rhope your serpentine belt issue is sorted out. Looking forward for Al Quaa part 2.
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