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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

Probir Mukherjee

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  1. Congratulations @Anish S...well done well deserved
  2. Great Drive @Foxtrot OscarAngela Oscar Foxtrot.. you are truly calming leader .Thanks to @Desert Dwellerfor keeping us in order and Center forward for managing all recoveries with the reassuring @Craig Finlayson See you folks in August .. take care and stay safe .
  3. The weighted average of the convoy makes it a fewbie drive in disguise... looking forward .
  4. @Ale Vallecchi thanks for encouragement all through . @Craig Finlaysonthanks for manual 2 tip , helped a lot . @Gaurav Soni @Lakshmi Narasimhanand the amazing co drivers many thanks for digging me out . Some one has my shovel . Any way I will get a new one .
  5. Thanks , hope to make it , I was not allowed to rsvp when the drives came out due to tech glitch .Gaurav fixed it but I was late .This will be the last drive for the next three months as I go to cairo on 16 /5 and will return on 15 /8;So waiting fingers crossed for acceptance 😊
  6. @Ale Vallecchi please demote me , although I hold IM rank , @ Angela held me back from a IM drive as I have been a away for 3 months , So I will need shepherding, tolerance and guidance to get my level back.Please bear with me 😀
  7. Hi Angela I am returning after a while , writing this from Cairo... hope to catch the drive keep up the pace.See you soon . Cheers Probir
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