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  1. It was a great drive .Several learnings and some amazing sights .Great guidance. New tricks learnt ..thanks leads center forwards and sweeps @Pancho thanks for resuce tug from the sand puddle . Many thanks to @Srikumarand @Vanessa8580.
  2. Ok @[email protected] S found your correct identities online .. thanks again great to drive with you folks and truly value Anish's radio guidance ... calm and collected
  3. @DANIEL NOGUEIRA you were missed Great drive , @Chaitanya D,@[email protected] @JanarthanJanarthanfor leads and recovery .also must mention @Anish Sand @Desert Dweller with appreciation for lifting the ribbon strings to let out may car after the nose dive recovery towards the end many thanks.Look forward to the pictures and videos .
  4. @DANIEL NOGUEIRA you were missed Great drive , @Chaitanya D,@[email protected] @JanarthanJanarthanfor leads and recovery .
  5. Unable to view videos ... @Desert Dwellerplease send directly if allowed to +971506595119 .thanks
  6. Where does one find the gallery @Desert Dweller found it .Thanks .great pictures .
  7. @Pancho many thanks for a good lead on this drive .It was challenging and good fun too unusual to see @DANIEL NOGUEIRA requiring two tows but luckily for me was showing the way and is full of confidence .Aneesh , Jamie and @richard were great support with the refusals & recoveries as allways [email protected] Richard's sense of humour on the radio communications is good fun too. Look forward to the next drive with all the wonderful members of this great club.
  8. Thankyou @Frederic.. will need to check with Alfuttaim if addition of these bumpers / grills will affect the warranty , if not I will install ..and hopefully avoid nose dives
  9. Thanks for the drive @Frederic and support leaders .My learning from this drive has come at the cost of a broken bumper .When the convoy moved in the dark the car ahead moved away quicker than me .I tried to follow by sight as tracks were not visible so I ended up going over a ridge and hard fall .Luckily the jeep behind me saw this a veered left .I accept its my fault to drive by sight, I should have stopped and radioed for assistance to see the path. A suggestion for group in the dark is to move out slowly with cars following each others tracks to avoid what happened with me .Now for a police report , insurance claim and repairs .. is there any guidance for accidents in the desert to be reported to the police .Would appreciate.Thanks .
  10. Thanks for adding me @Frederic..as of two weeks ago @Gauravhad upgraded me to Fewbie .. have completed 7 drives. Thanks for the tip of tyre deflation ..will try with 12 psi today .
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