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  1. @Ale Vallecchi please demote me , although I hold IM rank , @ Angela held me back from a IM drive as I have been a away for 3 months , So I will need shepherding, tolerance and guidance to get my level back.Please bear with me 😀
  2. Hi Angela I am returning after a while , writing this from Cairo... hope to catch the drive keep up the pace.See you soon . Cheers Probir
  3. Ia Missing the drives ... but watching from Cairo .. will try to book one when I am back in Dubai in mid May.
  4. Congratulations @DANIEL NOGUEIRA you were delayed by the issues to your truck or you would have been here earlier .Will miss driving with you for a while as I have a relocation to Cairo but will book a drive or two whenever am back in dubai .All the best , conquer the big red safely and enjoy Faya , still remember you saying on the radio " wow thus is fun " it was a @Vanessa8580 led drive .
  5. veel felicitaties aan een goede chauffeur en leider, groet je empathische begeleiding. [email protected] .
  6. @Foxtrot OscarArrived here at 13.45 and found out the drive was at 12.00 ...was wondering why no cars are here ...my serious oversight and bad...my sincere apologies.
  7. thankyou @Foxtrot Oscar I really need advice from you and @Frederic @[email protected]@Gaurav @Vanessa8580on if the diff lock on my LC will help me climb the biggest dune in Faya , as I loose momentum near the top , or is it still best to build momentum on tip tronic sequence 234 , 321 .
  8. Pleasure to drive with you @Foxtrot Oscar your lead great fun and inspiring, had a memorable drive especially the high speed up and down in last 20 minutes. Am ready with my fastest finger first at 7pm to nite to sign up for the new drive comming Saturday
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