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  1. Firstly, I would like to thank Dr @M.Seidamwho encouraged me to join an IM drive when I did a Fewbie night drive with him the week before. I must say the experience was really good and enjoyed the drive immensely. It also helped that I messed about with @Davie Chase from 3pm+ where we did a 'quick' N-->F-->F+-->IM drive with another mutual friend as a warm up before the main event. Thank guys! The team in the drive was of very high level of skills, thanks to all of you to make the night so enjoyable: in front of me @Rajiv Sam prompted me a few times to take a different and better lines. An excellent second lead. Glad to know that your tire got sorted. What was the issue? The leakage was quite strange. The upside is the team made the difficult task of changing tire in the summer fun and easy. @Joji varghese kept me honest as my rear gunner. @Benjamin was ever so helpful and skillful. Always nice to drive with you. @Waqas Parvezdrove with you a lot during our F+ days and good to see you again. Always calm and helpful with advice too, appreciate it. @Davie Chase Great sweeper who ensured that no one get left behind. Except if they tell you the F1 results, then you would bury him in the dessert. I have shared some photos in the gallery. Will be heading out for vacation outside Dubai and see you guys next time.
  2. I only started driving in manual at the later stage of F+. During newbie and fewbie I drove with auto so that I could focus more on the terrain and driving. When I drive in auto, at more challenging terrain or softer sand I could feel that the auto box is hunting for gears which can be frustrating at times.
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