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  1. Thanks Gaurav its clear, now i know the reference 😃
  2. Thanks for your feedback. You got our objective, we want something effective not fancy. I just don't want to have a bad surprise with a massive oil lickage because i hit a rock or because I made a bad decision one the path. Do you think its relevant to pay around 1 000? Said in an other way do you think the risk is real or its just very unlikely? Can you explain what do you meant in this point @Gaurav? ''yes it increase the rigidity but if you are playing car crushing games.''
  3. Wow it’s look like a very good quote. I have sent you a WhatsApp to discuss about it
  4. Hello @Lisa Pemberton, i’ll try, I let you know by the end of the day
  5. @Lisa Pemberton I also received a quotation for front skid plat + back skid plate + bumper cutting at 1732.50. I did not negotiate the price but i will try to go under 1500 if possible.
  6. Hello @Lisa Pemberton Its funny I'm looking for the same improvement since 2 weeks now. I've been to several garage and I just came back from one that have done it for an other member of the club. I'll let you know about the quotation. I have asked for back bumper protection + front metal plate below the engine. From what I've seen Frederic has done a very effective job in Vanessa's Pajero, I think we can solve the wire issue with a good tape or small plastic parts that can stick the wire inside the bumper. Is this how you done it @Frederic?
  7. Thanks guys @Gaurav I will send you all the pictures Tomorrow.
  8. Hello Guys, Thank you !!! It is a great pleasure to drive & learn with you guys. @Gaurav noted, I just need to change my shovel (too small) otherwise I got everything now (even the extinguisher). Have a great week
  9. Thanks for the feedback @Gaurav. I did it, please let me know if something is missing. Have a nice week guys !
  10. I understand, so please take in to consideration the feedback I gave. In this troubled times, lets all respect each other, share, learn and enjoy the off road of life
  11. @Rahimdad First In my post I just respond to Gaurav, I don't get why you guys get involved. So i an going to repeat myself again: Gaurav made his point verbally in a very strong way during the drive Saturday. That was more than enough there was no need for a big wall of shame post. If you guys don't get its not a rules problem but a communication/respect issue It's not on me. We all came here with humility and willingness to learn we all should not forget that.
  12. No it was the first time! Again I’m not challenging the law here. Laws and rules are the element of our collective well be. I desagree on how you are communicating. You got my point take it in to consideration or not is up to you.
  13. I guess @Gaurav you are a big fan of a good old Hall Of Shame. You made your point yesterday, that was more than enough.
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