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  1. @Frederic Apologize for the last minute update. Due to an unforeseen emergency I won’t be able to make it up for this drive and would join next time. Sorry that I have to inform at the last minute. Will miss your fun...
  2. @Wrangeldlooking forward to catch up the fun.. thanks for adding in the list .. 👍👍👍
  3. @Frederic thank you so much and it was really fun ... love to join with you for all drives
  4. Hi @Wrangeldeven I have got the confirmation from Pink rock drive. Thanks for the help and will try to catch up next time.
  5. Dear @Frederic please find the below response - - Which 4x4 are you driving ? FJ Cruiser 2020 - Any prior experience in offroading ? yes. - Does the vehicle have front and rear towpoints and are they in perfect condition ? yes Hoping to catch up tomorrow.
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