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  1. Hi @Brette, you can remove my name from the drive due to changes in the weekend plan, unfortunately, I will not have the chance to meet & drive with you in sands this weekend Thanks Ali
  2. @Wrangeld Hi Richard, sorry it was by mistake. I'll be trying Murgham desert this weekend. I left the another drive. Thanks 😊
  3. @Rahimdad team spirit should always dominate Carnity club otherwise it will be similar to other clubs. Thanks for adding me again to the drive but unfortunately I came to know late today that I have to be in office on Friday so Please remove me from this drive. I’ll claim my confirmed slot with you next week see you guys in sands
  4. @Rahimdad Actually I left the drive before seeing your message, however you can add me if the things get sorted
  5. Good Afternoon Everyone @Rahimdad bhai I’ll leave this drive so other newbies can join it and they can have a chance at fossil rock as I have been there before unfortunately I can't join the afternoon drive but I'll make it next week
  6. Inshallah Habibi will meet shortly in sand @Aus Alzubaidi
  7. @Wrangeld thanks for the feedback, I can say that the drive was more into technical learning than usual which I am there for. For me I learned a lot while crossing challenging dunes and handling & watching refusals' recoveries under yours, @Janarthan & @Jeepie guidance. Your all guidance whenever someone got stuck were really amazing, I really enjoyed your company see you soon in sands Regards
  8. Many Thanks @Rahimdad for the nice drive, It was really a great exposure to explore the next level of off-road driving. I really enjoyed it, looking to meet you and the rest of the team in future drives
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