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  1. @JeromeFJ. During the Last drive I had broken my crankshaft sensor. Yesterday evening got the car back from the workshop after replacing it. Was on my way right now but the engine is making strange sound ( as if I am driving on 4 hi ) and my dashboard is showing system fault. I am turning back home now. Will take my car back to the workshop. Hopefully see you on the next drive.
  2. Luke K P @Aser @Shaun J @Nizar Shawwa @Julien Recan @Frans M @Alexanderrr @Andrew John Melvill @Faraz94 @Zulfikhar Naiyar @Brett Eicher @azad @Cristian Highlights of today drive. .
  3. @Islam Soliman apologies I will not be able to make it tomorrow for the drive.
  4. @Aser, @Robk, @Gautam Banka, @Julien Recan, @Mark B, @Marek, @Deepak Eswar, @Luke K P Short Video of the drive. Hope you guys like it
  5. @JeromeFJ @Aser @Shaun J @Julien Recan @Robk @Rk ram @Cristian @Frans M@Luke K P Here is little longer video of this drive. Hope you guys like it.
  6. @Simon D sorry for the late notice. But unfortunately I won't be able to join the drive
  7. @JeromeFJ @Aser @Shaun J @Julien Recan @Robk @Rk ram @Cristian @Frans M@Luke K P A short Video clip of the Pop Out
  8. @Looper extremely sorry I cannot make it today. I woke up with a very bad Sinus.
  9. @Simon D @Mahmoud Taha @Shiju Raju @Batuhan Kulac @Frans M @Anish S @Deepak Eswar @Ishak @Rk ram @Mohit Gurnani. A short video of the drive. Hope you guys like it.
  10. @JeromeFJ Thanks for your Guidance. Learned a lot about climbing high dunes. Here is a short video of the drive.
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