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  1. Thanks @Brette and @Chaitanya D for this drive in Margham. For me it was little difficult one from previous couple of drives as initially got several car stuck and other incident happened but later on it was going smooth till the last hit on my Bumper when going down last dune on the way to get to the road. 1-But couple of things I could not assess why this unusual musical noise was coming continuously from Right rare side wheel during offroad but later on the road after inflating Tyres all got OK? 2-My Pajero 3,8 2009 model bumper hit on the left side which damaged the Bumper ,whe
  2. @Wrangeld I got convoy number from @Brette For Margham Group. So It is OK. Have a nice off drive. see u another time. BR Irshad
  3. I have learnt quite a lot today and Pink Rock Off road ride was completely different than my previous 2 offroad rides ie Al Qudra and Solar Park.Pajero could not reach to the top as I was struggling to apply manual gears but might be next time. I really appreciate discipline follow up as @Gaurav did today for Flag requirement and thanks to the team who saved my enjoyable day by assembling a Flag by all available sources.Sure next time I'll have my own I just forget to ask @Gaurav about one comment you made that I was speedy in one crossing ,actually to get momentum I was trying thi
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