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  1. @Vanessa8580 Thank you for the lovely start you gave to this drive and sorry for your vehicle which sadly made you go for an early exit, hope you figure out the issue and resolved it. @Foxtrot Oscar you drove us around like I never drove so far in all my previous drives, full of fun, thrill, surprises and a lot of learning. Loved your mood and energy in the drive yesterday, Thank you so much 😊 Thank you @David Ortells and @Tbone for your support throughout the drive, you guys were amazing 👏 Thank you to the rest of the convoy for the patience, passion and enthusiasm displayed throughout the drive. See you all soon again in the sand InshaAllah!
  2. @Vanessa8580, I hope the road closure is not having an impact on us as I can see our starting point is in the same area until where there is an impact of the announced road closure.
  3. @Lorenzo Candelpergher, I am making an exit and leaving space for next in the wait list.. as I have joined another drive for this weekend. All the best 👍
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