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  1. Hi @Ale Vallecchi getting some mechanical issues with the car. Its better to get it checked. I guess i won^t be able to join. Will miss the celebrations. Good luck and safe drive. Cheers.
  2. Congrats @Shaaz Sha and good for the future rendezvous. 😇
  3. So Pajero steals the show 🙃 and remains in the lime light, but this time not for good reasons of course. Thank you everybody for the support and for the patience. Most importantly, keeping your cool in this hot weather. @Foxtrot Oscar the track was amazing, tricky AND TALL DUNES WERE CHALLENGING (for MY PAJERO) but ya love the stuff where i can test the limits of my Stock 3.0 ltr Pajero. Believe u me, i was literally pushing the padel like anything to the floor. Unfortunately, climbing the tall and straight dunes is not my car^s strength. The moment it looses the momentum due to any reason, it looses the power and struggle to make it to the top. Anyhow, learning and polishing my skills to the core to get most of my stock Pajero. @Shehab Alawadhi and @Arman thank you guys. You were superb. @Alexander Alcala Thank you for the advise, not sure about others but i keep on mixing my level of drives to gain the confidence and to learn the techniques to handle my stock pajero. Take care and stay safe. Cheers. 👍👍🤘
  4. @Foxtrot Oscarhello, doh I am too late for the waiting list, but I do believe in miracles 1st Drive waiting list plz.
  5. Mabrook to All of you.. I am not surprised to see @Ahab Shamaa in this list
  6. @Wrangeld hi, sorry i won^t be able to join due to some family engagement. Drive safe. BR.
  7. hi guys, In my opinion stick to original Air filter, my friends experienced even the dry filters have caused MAF replacement at some point (air flow sensor damage). so ya, Stock are the best to go. Cheers.
  8. @Foxtrot OscarLovely drive. Thx alot, enjoyed the drive. Thank you everybody for the support. take care and stay safe. cheers.
  9. @Ale Vallecchi Hello, please exclude me from the waiting list, Change of plans. Thanks & have a safe drive every one.
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