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  1. @Nabil Bishara...Hi...won't be able to make it for tomorrow's drive...as something came up last minute...will see you guys on the next drive...have fun and be safe
  2. @Gaurav Hey...wont be able to make it for the second drive...change in plans...Have fun guys
  3. @Gaurav Hi Gaurav will have to drop out from tomorrows drive as my plans have changed...See you guys on the next drive.
  4. Ben84


  5. Hi Gaurav, My name is Benjamin but everyone calls me Ben. I work as a animator for a creative agency...I drive a 2020 Jeep wrangler Rubicon 4 door - String Grey color. As for the off road experience, I have been on only 1 drive through a different club. List of tools I have with me: Air compressor, tyre deflator, Flag pole, tyre value/pin remover, Snatch strap, D rings, Shovel, Walkie Talkie, Fire extinguisher & First Aid kit. Looking forward for the drive tomorrow. Thanks & Regards, Ben.
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