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  1. Hello Yerem, Here you go. Its normally under the gallery tab and look for the drive you have been to https://carnity.com/gallery/category/1205-newbie-mahafiz-sharjah-30-jan-2022
  2. It was great drive indeed, have uploaded some pictures and videos of our drive. Feel free to check it out
  3. Hello All, Thanks everyone for joining the drive and it feels so good to be back in the sand. Excellent support from @Wrangeld and @Gok Krish, thanks again. @Santoso Marjuki you did an excellent SL @MMansoorI could still hear the roar and you drove amazing. @Fabien Monleau Loved your wheels and next time , we will learn the art of 1500 rpm. But overall you did amazing. @Yawa excellent driving and nice upgrade on the sound. @Marky B Less heard on the radio except the stuck, nicely recovered. @Imteeaz Goolamhossen it was nice meeting you and hope you enjoyed the drive. @Daniel Rodas hope you had good fun at the back and well done
  4. Hello All , Attached convoy list for your reference. We will be using channel 1 for our communication. See you all on saturday. Cheers, J
  5. Hello @Shahid Mehmood @Julian Patterson, I am sorry, I have to pull you guys out as this is fewbie drive. Kindly join newbie drives if available else please down on waitlist where other leads can accommodate.
  6. Hello All, @Shahid Mehmood @Daniel Rodas @Fabien Monleau @MMansoor @Santoso Marjuki @Julian Patterson @Marky B @Gok Krish @Imteeaz Goolamhossen @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil A quick glimpse on the expectation, this will be very close to newbie drive. Doing ups and downs, few ridges and some sideys. As you are all aware of the start point, we will be heading into a technical session at the start and open to some long ridges and looking at the progression we will decide the end point , either at the same start or at the solar park. I definitely have no intention of stretching more than 2 hour 30 minutes
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