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  1. Hi Gaurav, unfortunately I will have to skip this one due to some other commitment which has just came in. Apologies as I had not planned it in this manner. Hope someone in waiting list will be replacing me.
  2. Hi All, very much excited about this trip. Need a quick help if anyone here knows how to disable the airbags of the FJ 2010. Tried searching on youtube but yet to find a straight forward way of doing that. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks alot Gaurav, Got it, this is GCC specs anyways and dont seem to be lowered previously by anyone. I also need small help on the walkie talkie. How do I confirm that the one I have meet minimum specs for communication in this trip.
  4. Kindly introduce yourself with below details: Please share your vehicle details - Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2010. Do you have any prior off-road experience?Few off road trips experience Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets. Yes confirmed Confirm your vehicle has minimum of 8 Inches of ground clearance. How to confirm or measure this exactly, sorry about the limited knowledge Confirm that you have watched this "Absolute Newbie Briefing Video" Confirmed
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