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  1. Thanks @Islam Soliman for a good and fun drive, indeed the terrain was quite different with all the rain. Great convoy as well, it was quite challenging at some parts, i was expected much more refusals, yet it was quite smooth ride. See you all on the sand again soon
  2. Sorry @Davie Chase just saw the message and couldn't make it tomorrow unfortunately
  3. No Worries Freddie, Get well soon, and try to keep away from the rest of the family, it is our usual practice, once one gets it, it keeps circulating in the house for months :)🫣
  4. Thanks, a lot @Frederic, it was a pleasant NYE, thanks for planning this, i think the location was good, it is not far, didn't need to deflate, yet we were the only ones there and we could see the fireworks, hopefully it will remain the same next year, in the morning i could see some constructions going arround.
  5. Hi all, @Jessica Lambert and myself are at the meeting spot (supposedly) are we the only ones here or we are waiting at the wrong spot?
  6. Hey @Frederic, thanks for arranging this, i will come with the family and we are planning to camp there.
  7. Sorry Freddy, i had a reservation in Hatta that i tried to cancel or move away from that WE but i couldn't negotiate any of them so i will have to drop unfortunately, i have been looking forward to this type of drive/camping
  8. sorry @Frederic i had to withdraw, unfortunately though this is one of my favorite drives but the whole family became sick. see you next time, hopefully.
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