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  1. I was working out and injured my foot, sorry, will need to drop out of tomorrows drive. Apologies for the last minute changes.
  2. @Fredericlooks like it was a mistake😐. Also Please note that I withdrew last night, due to some unavoidable situations See you all soon......
  3. Thank you @Gaurav @Abdul Rahman AK@Frederic@Lakshmi Narasimhan@M.Seidam@Ranjan Das😊
  4. Today's desert drive was one of the best so far, however my vehicle broke down towards the end. Recovering my vehicle would not have been possible without the excellent commitment and dedicated support of the Carnity team @Gaurav @Mukundan Nair @Gaurav Soni; who after leading the remaining convoy to the exit, spent three hours to make it possible to bring my vehicle to the area where recovery service was accessible .It is thanks to them that I was able to prevent abandoning my car in the desert. I have reached my home safely and my car is in the workshop and many thanks to the team for this.
  5. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to my prescription medicine, and unwell since this morning. Please accept my sincere apologies for the late cancellation.
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