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  1. Wow RJ.. thanks for capturing the journey is such a cool way! I was lucky to be in front of you any links to the videos?
  2. Thanks Richard and Shamil! Was absolute fun and learning.. well done all the ANs!
  3. Hello everyone! This is going to be my first self drive ever in a desert. I am driving 2016 Jeep JKU, with 2.5 inch lift kit. Got all the stuff needed..my gear is much ahead of my game Just need to set the frequency on my walkie talkie. See you all! Cheers, Imtiaz Ali
  4. Hello! I am looking for reliable and economic Jeep garages in and around Dubai. I have few issues with brakes (pulling to one side) and also need a general inspection. I am sure this is discussed earlier, but could not find related threads. Cheers, Imtiyaz
  5. The Nexen that I have is 285/70/17, was thinking the Geolandar 265/70/17 will be lighter and better on-road experience.
  6. Thanks Gaurav! Thats a great input. Really impressed with the quality and the timely support received from everyone so far.. glad to be part of the Carnity community!
  7. Hello everyone! I just joined the club last week and looking forward to my first newbie drive. I bought a used 2016 Jeep Willys which had worn out stock tyres (255/75/17) and I upgraded it it Nexen Roadian AT PRO (285/70/17). The car now vibrates a lot as soon as I touch 80KMPH and is too noisy. I know the A/T tyres are loud, but now I am looking for smaller (265/70/17) tyres which are quieter on roads and also decent on the desert for casual drives (80% road, 20% desert, 0% on rock terrain). Should i go for HT tyres or spulrge on the K02s as i heard great reviews about it (less noisy on road + great on the desert)? Other options I am looking at are Bridgestone Dueler H/T D840 and Kumho Road Venture AT51. Low noise in 80+ KMPH is a key decision criteria. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Imtiaz Ali
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