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  1. yes Zulfiqar that issue is unidentifiable unless u have gone through it. I experienced the shame with my car when driving the car with the club. I have taken my car to reputed garages and got this experience. I didn't give up solving the mystery why a perfect car behaves like a 3 wheeler and ultimately found the underlying cause of it. Fortunately for you I am still subscribed to Carnity and I got a notification. I immediately identified the issue and saved u from selling ur car or opening ur wallet to increased expenses. I know the end result. You will start hating a good machine.
  2. I understood the problem as soon as I read your post. Gone through this myself. 3 months I was offroading in the club with the same problem wondering what happened to my car. I am really angry for garages doing this deliberately to make us spend more money culminating in replacing a busted engine. We pay the bills given to us by them promptly. The mechanic keep charging us for replacing the knock sensor, the cam shaft sensors, the crank shaft sensor finally replacing the throttle body. When we reach this stage the engine head gaskets will be already busted. No codes will appear for the spark plug, instead all other codes will appear. We will never doubt a spark plug mismatch as we trusted the mechanic to have put the right ones for which we paid. The moment you realize u have been cheated u will feel so angry with the garage for making us fool. All this happens because the garages know the owner of the car lacks technical knowledge. They think its very smart to fool us like this. The clue to your problem was in your write up itself at the last paragraph. Instantly I knew what was the problem. When you don't put the manufacturer specified spark plugs with a different one having a different heat range the ignition starts to behave strange when the engine gets hot. I know the sequence of repairs the garage will suggest to get rid of the issue. You already replaced the knock sensor. Next they will say crank shaft & cam sensor. Anyways it your good luck I noticed the write up and reached out to you immediately. Enjoy your drive today and post the results. If at all any further damage has happened it will be the throttle body sensor as you may have used the throttle too much and probably heated up the motor rendering it weak. I hope you didn't reach to that stage as this spark plug change happened recently. In my case I had to replace the throttle body as I ran the car like this for 3 months and pushed the throttle excessively while offroading. Even if the throttle body motor has become weak don't worry. U get a used throttle body for 150 AED.
  3. I understood the problem of ur car. Went through this couple of years ago. Call me if u want to solve the AC & loss of power plus the misfiring. By the way its nothing major work. Loss of power is because ur throttle body sensor has become faulty and the throttle body has to be replaced. This has to do with your AC issues as I also have experienced the same. The backfiring happens when ur spark plugs don't match with original specifications or ur knock sensor is failing. My phone no is in my profile and u can call me anytime. The misfiring incidents started happening after u changed ur spark plugs. Try to remember.
  4. Vulcanized rubber to get deteriorated takes a lot of time. I have read all the comments here. The reason for the tire to get cracked after years is due to ply separation. Rubber compound when masticated with chemicals to become a tire compound has oil also added to it. After years the oil starts to evaporate making the tire more brittle. Also when the tire is vulcanized in the tire mould the outer parts of the tire get more heat and vulcanizes more. The inner parts of the tire where the ply's are arranged are not vulcanized fully as heat reaches there less. So a tire which has aged is more likely to fail as the bond between the ply's gets weaker after years. Another reason is the addition of synthetic rubber in tires. Synthetic rubber is added to the compound to give it more abrasion resistance. But if u have stock of old synthetic rubber, you see that the tensile strength of the rubber has deteriorated a lot and if u pull it will just tear off. I can say this with 100% confidence as I had a rubber mastication unit which was handed over to me through generations. @gaurav I would keep the 50% tread life tire and throw the 6 year old tire in the garbage.
  5. When its time to fix a pop out and if I'm in the convoy its always my 3 ton jack which eases the situation.
  6. @Ale Vallecchi got to drop out as there is a marriage reception scheduled for tomorrow evening.
  7. Battery death signs cannot be shown on regular scanner unless its a battery load tester. But sudden death is not because battery is weak. Its because of the bumpy rides, the inside cell connectors separate and the battery can no longer function.
  8. UAE: Will I lose warranty if my car is serviced from a workshop that’s not affiliated to the dealer? - News | Khaleej Times
  9. Not to be left out, very soon @GauravSoni took the position of the grey wrangler. @Ale Vallecchi was really bewildered what was happening in a simple crest of his which should have been sorted in less time. Ohhh I forgot @Gok Krish (I believe it was him) had the opportunity of almost getting his SWB Jeep stretched to LWB by getting pulled out from front and back after he took the position of the center grey Jeep. @GauravSoni took the position after that.
  10. Then the battery is going through the slow natural death process. I don't know why but I have noticed that battery's die mostly during summer.
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