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  1. Thanks @Kailasfor a great drive with a great balance of individual practice and convoy driving learn as you go. Thanks @Gok Krishfor choosing good lines for me to follow and allowing me to learn by watching. [email protected] D for the advice during refusals. Thanks @Rob H for the help during refusals and the pull during my crest. I will figure out why diff lock stopped working for next time. I wanted to move up in rank to try a Fewbie drive up before my extended leave home. I couldn't have asked for a better drive. See you all in a few months. Only mud and grass where I am going.
  2. Looking forward to the drive. I like short convoys and it will be mine and @Fabien Monleau first Fewbie drives.
  3. @Jack ThomasSorry to hear about motor damage. Did mechanic find out why sand got past filter? Was it OEM filter or after market.
  4. Unless its a good ole American made Truck with the rear in to the sky for heavy towing proposes, I would always lift the front and rear to maintain stock front to back "rake". Always get wheel alignment done and make sure they adjust the camber and not just Toe. Shop familiar with lifts will already do that and lift kits will typically come with proper front and back heights springs, spacers, leafs, etc. I dont have an X but have done and had many types of lifts. My best advice , find a great shop and lift only as much as needed with a brand with well known name. Then take plenty of co
  5. HI @Foxtrot Oscar, I think there are few accidental double RSVP's. I think it is Shu's first drive and would be ahead of me. Sorry for the confusion, wouldn't want someone to miss a first drive and I end up with two. Im sure the others with two would feel the same
  6. I did the same as @Frederic. Land Cruiser has slot but didn't come with filter. I added one but also always leave AC on recirculate so it doesn't pull outside dust and sand. I would have them find where filter goes and do a full evaporator clean if you have sand coming through. Evap coils are probably clogging near bottom and can also clog the drain and water will leak back in cab. What year is your Yukon?
  7. Lights still need some adjustments but very happy with the output. Side by side comparison. Brand New stock high beam +low beam , and fog lamps on the left. On right is stock lights + off- road amber lights on Low beam . Will get High Beam Off-road lights comparison after adjustment. I didn't use the High beam much since the additional spot led's were reflecting off car in front of me in convoy.
  8. Thanks for clarifying. Glad I'm doing it correctly. 😁,
  9. @Gaurav Could you repost the single drive restriction and process that should be followed for "attending " drives? Seeing multiple rsvp's from members I thought there must be some confusion about the process and I then I thought maybe I am not even be doing it correctly.
  10. @Chaitanya D thanks for the great drive. Your night drives are great and I am learning alot. I enjoyed the short time in small tech dunes. I don't have the best car for the small places but would love to try them for a little longer in a morning or afternoon drive one day. Hoping to try my first fewbie drive this week before leaving Dubai for the summer. Thanks again for leading and teaching.
  11. Few videos on my youtube if anyone is interested to watch. Need to set reminder to adjust lights so it doesnt look like I am burning a hole in @TT_Dubai bumper. haha https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrLEqgA2ftmi4zXpEUcoSPg
  12. I apologize @Kailas I won't be able to make it tomorrow. Please remove me from drive.
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